The DMV Hates You And Your Lesbian Wedding

After getting gay married in D.C., Traci Turpin changed her last name at the Social Security office and then went to the Department of Motor Vehicles in Knoxville, Tennessee. There, she picked up her new license with her new, gay-married last name on it, went back out to the parking lot, got in her car and was about to drive off when a DMV employee sprinted out of the building car and told her to return the license because they don’t recognize same-sex marriages. She refused, so they called in the highway patrol.

If Turpin hadn’t told the DMV staffers she she was married to a woman, she says, there never would have been a problem, and she’d still have the license with her new name. (Her marriage certificate acted as proof of a name change, but because Tennessee doesn’t recognize it, it didn’t qualify as valid evidence.)

Which begs the question, why in the heck did she bother telling the disgruntled folks at the DMV about her same-sex marriage? It’s not like all the straight married people announce the sex of their spouses. Doesn’t she know that the people at the DMV have to sit on ‘roid donuts and drink Splenda all day? They don’t wanna hear anything unless it’s how you wanna kill yourself and even then they’ll just respond, “You forgot to sign here.”

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