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The Doctor Wouldn’t Recommend Gay Couples For Adoption, So She Was Ousted. Religious Discrimination?

British adoption adviser and pediatrician Dr. Sheila Matthews thought she was being sooo clever when she refused to recommend children be placed with gay parents, because as we all know children “did best” with The Breeders. So the Northamptonshire County Council’s adoption panel got rid of her — or she resigned from the £72,000; conflicting press reports say different things. What is clear: Now she’s suing for religious discrimination.

Matthews says in a statement: “I understand that legislation permits same-sex couples to adopt and they are positively encouraged to apply. […But] I have professional concerns… of the influences on children growing up in homosexual households and I feel this is not the best possible option for a child. I do not consider myself to be homophobic, however I believe that children do best in families with a father and mother. I believe it could have been possible for the county council to have allowed me to continue working as medical advisor… but also allow me discretely to abstain from voting in less than one in 20 cases.”

Her job, to be clear, was to evaluate the medical health of the couples, according to the Daily Mail, which doesn’t necessarily match with her pediatrics training. Either way, through this medical diagnosis, and the help of the Bible, she determined same-sex couples to be unfit to adopt. She did not, however, advise the panel gay couples should not adopt; rather, she abstained from weighing in on gay applicants. The adoption panel’s problem, then, arose from her unwillingness to set aside her personal views and do her job.

At present, she’s gainfully employed … by another city council. And her trial continues. [Daily Mail; Press Association]