The Downside of a New York High School Letting 2 Gay Men Win Both Prom King And Queen

If you’ve heard of Constance McMillen or Derrick Martin then you know how hellish prom can be for gay teens. But two gay friends Charlie Ferrusi and Timmy Howard of Hudson, New York (pictured) just got crowned queen and king of their prom. And this from the school that refused to let a male student run for prom queen back in 2008.

While Ferrusi and Howard are not the first gays to win a public school prom title — New Jersey’s Derrek Lutz wore a dress and won a crown this year — they’re might just be the first pair of gay men to win the king and queen spots. In fact, they won by such a large margin that the school didn’t even bother acknowledging runners-up.

And while that’s great for the boys, the school and all, I kinda wonder about the girl whose dreams they shattered by taking her tiara. I will shed a single unicorn tear for this uncrowned monarch.