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The Dumbest Thing About Evan Lysacek’s Johnny Weir Tweet

So a fan tweeted @EvanLysacek joking about stupid feudmate Johnny Weir not being a real man, and Evan tweeted back “verdict still out,” and then tried to pretend like that tweet came from his “fake” Twitter account, which is a bunch of bullshit. (He also says his account was hacked. OK.) But that wasn’t the dumbest thing about Evan playing along.

Instead, by even engaging in the “Weir is such a queen he can’t actually be considered a guy,” which itself is a parlor game more tired than a Jersey Shore drinking game, Evan draws more unwanted attention to the rumors about his own sexuality.

Evan hates that people think he might be gay. He’s discussed his lady-loving ways in the past, and nothing gets him more furious than being lumped into the same company as Weir, whom Evan barely respects as a fellow figure skater, let alone a sexual human being.

So go ahead, Evan, joke about Weir’s queerness. And we’ll continue making our dick jokes about you.

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  • Gail

    What’s most appalling to me is the number of people who don’t think this was any big deal, or that it is somehow funny or acceptable to question Weir’s gender.

    I thank Johnny Weir for behaving with class and dignity and not responding. He is going about his life with dignity and behaving like a gentleman. I fear thought that he will be asked about it in the future. The good thing is that he has had time to digest and deal with it; unlike Lysacek’s previous comments regarding his not being ‘good enough’ for Stars On Ice which were sprung on him while in the Green Room of the Wendy Williams show just before he was due to go on.

  • Robin

    Evan’s behavior is simply appalling and is entirely inappropriate for an Olympic “champion”. I’m using quotes here on champion because his homophobic rudeness and efforts to pawn his comments off on someone – anyone – else is just pathetic and a poor reflection on his sport.

    A sincere apology would hardly even begin to fix this.

  • Michael

    I had no idea people actually read Twitter. Go figure.

  • LSekhmet

    I’m disgusted with Evan Lysacek. He should know better. A person’s sexual identity has nothing to do with his figure skating, or we’d hardly have any figure skaters worth caring about.

    I am wondering if, in Evan’s world, it’s only OK for a gay/bi/transgendered figure skater to be that if he stays firmly closeted? Or is it only OK if the guy is “quietly” gay, bi, or transgendered? (That is, the guy is who he is — say, a nice guy like Jeremy Abbott, the current reigning US Champion — but doesn’t flaunt it?)

    I’m sorry. The world is made up of all sorts of people, and they have all sorts of gender identities. If I chose my friends by basis of gender identity only, I’d be a poor excuse for a woman — and you can quote me.

  • WalkderDC

    If he was joking about the very recent pictures of Jonny Weird where he was actually looking like he was dressing as girl I get the tweet, Weir was dressing very fun and over the top and very very feminine, seemed to be having a goood time with it.

    Thing is for Evan, any reference to Weir, or anything gay etc… just focuses attention on his own obvious closeted status. The tool just needs to either shut up and let Weir be Weir, or have the balls to come out of the closet. Then he could be the bitchy little miss that he is obviously dying to be.

  • Dan

    The fact that Johnny owns his flamboyancy makes him a real man because it takes a spine to be yourself when biotches like Evan spout their crap. Masculine or fem, Johnny deserves cred for being himself while Evan deserves the golden douchebag award for insecurity.

  • bastion of sass

    Evan Lysachek’s homophobic, transphobic, and queerphobic tweet may have only been intended to throw mud at his rival Weir, but, even if it were only aimed at Weir, other men and boys like Weir got spattered too.

    And you’re right about the event refocusing attention on Lysachek’s own sexuality. I’ve heard several people ask after the tweet became public, “But isn’t Lysachek gay too?”

    Whether he is or not, it seems he’s as cold as the ice he skates on. But a lot thicker.


    Evan Lyinsackofshit is just that. She has her panties all twisted up because Johnny qWeir garners more respect from the public because he finally came out and and people respect him even more. Johnny has always been very quirky and colored way outside the lines. That is who he is, he doesn’t hide behind some kind of false bravado to hide who he really is. Any interview he does he is witty, engaging and pretty damm entertaining and really doesn’t give two sheets what anyone thinks of him. His counterpart comes across as wooden with zero personality……….

    Even if Lyinsackofshit was straight he should respect his sport and his fellow skaters and not contribute to the rampart homophobia that is spewed against the male skaters from the outside by tossing out epithats that be right at home at a westboro baptist church protest………

  • Kip

    Oh please, Lycacheck just keeps his flame in check, to a degree, still no question on his status though. now matter how much he protests.But jesus, I’m out and proud gay man for 15 years and I can’t stomach Weir.

  • alan brickman

    Johnny’s clothes and fur-wearing a kinda sad….

  • jamison

    @Kip: “can’t stomach weir”, and you too, are part of the problem.

  • Cam

    @jamison: said..

    @Kip: “can’t stomach weir”, and you too, are part of the problem.

    Not at all. Gays, Lesbians, Trans, Bi’s etc… it’s all about getting our civil rights. How dare you tell somebody that they can’t dislike a person?

    My opinions about Johnny Weir’s attitude, his personality, his fashion choices, what kind of ice-cream he eats, have nothing to do with the fact that I believe he should have his full civil rights to marry, to work etc…

    Do I think Johnny Weir is a bit obnoxious? Yes. Do I think he stayed in the closet way too long? Yes. Is that bigoted? Of course not. Everybody is allowed to not “Stomache” whoever they want. Do I believe that Barney Frank should have the civil right to get married to whomever he wants? Of Course! Would I want to have dinner with him? No way, I think he’s obnoxious and I don’t like his behavior towards gays in the last few years.

  • Mason L.

    This Evan guy represents the GAY men in this world I HATE, HATE, HATE (and I use the word hate PROUDLY in this regard) the most, and the types of gay men who I wish would NOT benefit from the rights we so work hard for and pioneer. The type of gay men who have started a hierachy amongst gay community based on mannerism. The type of gay men who are really not at all out of the closet, except for when looking for tricks online. The type of gay men who feel if they make slams toward effiminate gay men, then they are suddenly more manly and more mainstream (no, you’re just self loathing and scared shit less at what stares back at ya)…

    and if you even attempt to reply by ATTEMPTING to claim Lysacek is straight: I have on good authority you’re dead wrong and he is trying to start an acting career and is very serious about it (not to mention, an absolute asshole when cameras are not around)

    Team Weir.

  • Ashley

    I don’t believe that these posts were actually from Evan. He has behaved with an unbelievable amount of dignity and humility in the past, and honestly, why would he say these things anyway? That’s just completely out of character for him.

    That being said, Johnny Weir’s decision to ignore it and not let it provoke him is admirable.

  • Devon

    I don’t get all the love for Johnny Weir. He’s an attention whore who fully supports murdering and skinning animals in the name of fashion.

    Fuck him with an acid tipped dick.

  • Bubba

    Weir is gay. So? That makes him a saint? A hero? In my view, he is revolting, an obnoxious, animal-killer, fame-whore who perpetuates the worst kinds of stereotypes against us. So sue me.

  • Arkano18

    Evan Lysacek is so delusional.

    I mean, cmon! He’s not masculinity impersonated…

  • Ash

    It’s kinda hard to tell with him. He talks like a robot or something, which throws me off a bit.

    I watched him through an entire season of Dancing with the stars, this being the first time I’d seen him before, and I got gay vibes from the dude. I, honestly, just can’t imagine him being with a women. I just see him being into guys. Maybe some of that hating of Johnny Weir is just his own self hate coming out.

  • Giovannidude

    I would say that Evan Lyingsackofcaka is a self-hating homo, except that he’s not nice enough looking to qualify as one.

  • Erikka

    You ALL are so hypocritical! You’re busting on Evan for “not coming out of the closet” when Johnny was in the closet for awhile & SO MANY criticized him. So maybe Evan will come out… maybe not (i personally think he’s straight). So pretty much you are contradicting yourselves. Making fun of Evan for being secretly gay but PRAISING Johnny for being open. Not to sound harsh but if I were gay in a skating world, I’d be ashamed to come out because of the stereotype Johnny has created. Thanks! TEAM EVAN! (: <3

  • Siili


    Johnny Weir does/did not need to come out–he’s never been IN a closet to begin with. He has never tried to convince the world that he is heterosexual. He hasn’t claimed a girlfriend, nor has he made any effort to “butch up”, etc.

    More to the point, however, Weir’s sexuality was not even in question in this incident, but his gender. Lysacek’s tweet questioned whether Weir is a man, suggesting that a more effeminate man (whether gay or not)is not really a man. That is insulting not just on Weir, but by extension on gay and transgender people at large. You may not like Weir, but what he said in his press conference in Vancouver, in response to the two Canadian TV commentators who suggested that he should get gender tested, is spot on, and you should really watch it to understand the larger ramifications of this kind of bigotry. Here’s a clip from that press conference:

  • Christine


    Johnny didn’t actually come out and SAY “I’m gay!”, but any self respecting human being with any discerning abilities would have, as I did, picked THAT one up a LOOOONG time ago. So, Johnny didn’t ‘talk the talk”..he just proudly and without apology “Walked the Walk”, which in my humble opinion, gets far more points. C’mon, folks..raise your hands if you seriously did NOT know back in 2006 that Johnny Weir was gay…regardless of his NOT saying it with words..Those actions spoke volumes louder than any words ever could have. If Evan is gay, (which I believe he is), he is the saddest type of gay..the kind that will never be able to accept himself for who and what he really is. He will spend his life living on the DL in some pseudo-relationship with a female for which he has no real attraction. He is to be pitied. Still, he needs to just plain shut the fuck up. He only opens his mouth to change feet, and is now sporting a size 14 mouth with laces thanks to the latest gaffe in a series of PR nightmarish comments about and aimed specifically at Johnny Weir. Evan only wishes he had the freedom that Johnny so obviously enjoys just to be himself. Straight OR gay.

    Team Weir…

  • Eriq1980

    Guys please — stop judging both of them. They are who they are. How do we not know that they talk crap about each other like that all the time. I tease all of my friends and they tease me back. These two guys have known each other for years and are rival competitors. I personally do not think they hate each other at all. They seem to have two different personalities (clashing in fact) but that is to not say that deep down they do not respect each other’s choices in life.


  • jewel64

    I’ve followed figure skating for years. Before Evan signed on with Frank Carroll, he sounded and acted gay; I got a strong gay vibe watching him. After he switched to Frank, Evan suddenly started to butch up, with facial hair, aggressive moves in his choreography, and the sudden announcement that his gf is Tanith Belbin. I never believed that relationship for one minute; it was concocted by Frank and the USFSA in an effort to make Evan more masculine and distance himself from Johnny Weir. At the time Johnny was US Champ, but the powers-that-be at the USFSA were unhappy with Weir’s posing in high heels and tights for a fashion magazine, and partakes in fashion shows. They probably told Frank Carroll to butch up Evan so he can be primed to replace Johnny as US Champ. There’s a lot of politics that goes on in figure skating, on and off the ice. It was no surprise that “Butched-up” Evan with his psuedo girlfriend took the title away from Johnny. Unfortunately Johnny made it easy for him, because he lacked the focus and training.
    Before and after his butchification, Evan has always been very boring, bland and wooden in his interviews. While his skating has improved, it has the look of an athletic person who has to work very, very hard to be halfway musical or artistic. Johnny has always been an artistic, musical skater; that comes very naturally.

  • Jeffree

    Evan & Johnny bicker like a ex-married couple.

    That makes one wonder…..

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