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The Dumbest Thing About Evan Lysacek’s Johnny Weir Tweet

So a fan tweeted @EvanLysacek joking about stupid feudmate Johnny Weir not being a real man, and Evan tweeted back “verdict still out,” and then tried to pretend like that tweet came from his “fake” Twitter account, which is a bunch of bullshit. (He also says his account was hacked. OK.) But that wasn’t the dumbest thing about Evan playing along.

Instead, by even engaging in the “Weir is such a queen he can’t actually be considered a guy,” which itself is a parlor game more tired than a Jersey Shore drinking game, Evan draws more unwanted attention to the rumors about his own sexuality.

Evan hates that people think he might be gay. He’s discussed his lady-loving ways in the past, and nothing gets him more furious than being lumped into the same company as Weir, whom Evan barely respects as a fellow figure skater, let alone a sexual human being.

So go ahead, Evan, joke about Weir’s queerness. And we’ll continue making our dick jokes about you.