The Emotions Issue: Bryan Loves The Accordion

We’ve been receiving a steady stream of replies to our call for things you love, which really makes us love you all even more than we already did. One of responses in particular caught our eye. It comes from a reader named Bryan who loves the accordion. He’s so keen on it, in fact, that people’s disdain for it makes him cry. Isn’t that queer? Here’s his slightly disturbing, but just as appreciated, explanation:

Most people hate the accordion. That makes me sad. Sometimes I cry about it, because I think it’s one of the most expressive instruments out there. And so romantic! (Which is really quite convenient for your “emotions issue”. Like you guys, I live in New York City, but I don’t think I loathe it as much as you. In fact, I love it, especially the park near my house because an old Italian man’s constantly playing…you guessed it, the accordion! He’s such a welcome neighbor! I never tip him, though. This place is expensive.

This place is expensive, Bryan and we wouldn’t tip that old Italian fogey either. As for loving the accordion – you’re right, it’s kind of romantic. Is it our personally favorite? No. We prefer the recorder. It really puts us in the mood. Probably because it’s all phallic and shit.