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The Entire Bi-Sexual History of Real World: D.C.‘s Mike Manning

So everyone watched last night’s premiere of The Real World: D.C., riiight? Where we got to see the introduction of not one, but two members of the LGBT club? (Okay, just the B club.) In there is Colorado’s good Christian boy Mike Manning, who didn’t let the first night go by without revealing his big not-so-secret: He’s bi. Hot. And also, we must immediately know: How many lasses and lads has he hit it up with?


Girls: 15. Guys: 5. But: “Not sex, we’re talking everything, right?” (Scroll to 25:35 for the relevant dinner scene.) So we still don’t know whether Mike has had The Sex with The Mens.

But that was actually the least interesting part of the whole show. While Mike’s fellow bi castmate Emily sounds like she’s new to the less-than-straight scene, Mike isn’t exactly on foreign territory, and he speaks quite eloquently about his situation — and how he struggles with (read: doesn’t want to) being lumped into the stereotype of fey guys who sleep with other guys. Of course, he’s already getting shit on the blogs (including this one) from viewers who think he’s “bi now, gay later,” and so self-hating about his identity. This could. get. INTERESTING!

And if you watch the rest of the episode, you can tell sexuality won’t be the big controversial trait here. Political leanings and religious beliefs appear to be the bigger catalysts for seven eight strangers to stop being nice and start getting real.

(Scroll to 35:12 to see Mike and Ty resolve their differences.)