The Facebook Status Update Where You Named Last Night’s Trick? The Entire World Just Read It

Who says you need Facebook to screw you over on privacy settings for your personal details to embarrass or out you? Anything you’ve been telling Facebook you’ve been doing via status update — “Walking the dog”; “Four-gy time!!!” — is now available for anyone to scope out. And search for.

Openbook gathers everyone status updates in real time and, with the right boolean search queries, you can turn up some delicious results of what the world’s Facebook users are doing right now. Some of them are “having sex” while others are wasting perfectly good Internet space talking about Adam Lambert. And then there are those telling the world they cheated on their ex, use bad words, and the guys revealing whose dicks they sucked.

It’s a little F U to Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook creator whose pre-fame days include IMs where he talks about the “dumb fucks” trusting him with their privacy