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“The fact that Bruce [Springsteen] believes that, that’s his right. But by the same token, it’s my right to believe what I want to believe, too”

SOUNDBITES — “This is where the people of New Jersey obviously have differences of opinion. There are lots of people who feel very strongly about same sex marriage and believe it should be the law of the state, and there are lots of folks like me who believe that it shouldn’t. The fact that Bruce [Springsteen, who declined an invitation to perform at the governor-elect’s inauguration,] believes that, that’s his right. But by the same token, it’s my right to believe what I want to believe, too.” —New Jersey’s incoming governor Chris Christie, reacting to the Boss’s gay marriage support

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  • Qjersey

    You know what you fat fucktard Gov. Criso, you were elected because jersey folks were pissed off at the economy. You were not elected with any “mandate” against gay marriage, abortion or sex education.

    Watch out for this one folks, he is not a “Whitman” republican, he is a far right authoritarian Bushie.

  • Mike L.

    You said it QJersey.

    It feel like they’re (conservatives) trying to make the U.S. a xtian dictatorship. Small gov but xtiandom reign supreme over the country. Sorry but I’m not gonna sit back and let our country become a xtian version of iraq or afghanistan etc.

  • Brian

    C A T H O L I C

  • Qjersey

    sorry I meant Gov. Crisco, lol

  • schlukitz

    It just blows me out of the water to realize that any politician can run for election, using bigotry, hatred and the desire to willfully deny or take away the civil-rights of any minority group as a platform for election.

    Incoming Governor Chris Cristie’s homophobia and anti-same-sex marriage view, like those of President Obama, are religiously based and have no place in a secular public office. He needs to be reminded that his office (and his salary) are being paid by all the taxpayers of New Jersey, not just the religious right.

    He will not only be governing the religious right and the homophobes in New Jersey, he will also be governing the supporters of gay civil-rights and the non-believers as well and it would also do him well to remember that simple fact.

  • Cam

    Once again, all their posturing is bigotry, they claim that they act this way because of religion and yet they don’t abide by ANY of the other rules of their religion.

  • Stef

    Someone should tell Crisco that gluttony is more of a sin in God’s eyes than homosexuality.

  • orpheus_lost

    I agree with Christie 100% on this. He has every Constitutional right to believe that gay people should not be allowed to marry. However, he DOES NOT have the Constitutional right to deny us our full equality because of the 14th Amendment to the same document.

    That said, it’s hard to single this asshole out when practically these exact same words could have come out the mouth of our “fierce ally” in the Whitehouse.

  • jason

    Orpheus Lost,

    Exactly right. These right-wing nutbags think their opinion is sufficient to deny us rights granted to us by the Constitution.

  • Eric

    Governor-elect Christie, you certainly do have a right to your opinion.

    However, you also will soon carry the obligation to uphold the Constitutions of your state and of the United States, and your personal opinions matter not one whit in carrying out that obligation.

  • schlukitz

    No. 7 · Stef



  • schlukitz

    No. 9 · jason and No. 10 · Eric

    Something has gone terribly wrong in this country.

    All of this haggling pro and con about civil-rights aside, why is our constitution not being lived up to?

  • unclemike

    The big difference is that Springsteen’s beliefs are all about allowing people to exercise their full civil rights, and Christie’s beliefs are all about denying those rights to those same citizens.

    Fuck off, Gov. Crisco.

  • terrwill

    You guys really have no right distracting Chris Christy
    from the important things he has put on his agenda. He
    can’t be bothered with silly issues like the Gays getting
    married!! He still has 178 donut shops to visit in the
    state of NJ!!! His official moniker upon taking office:
    Chrisco (bag ‘o donuts) Christie

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