The First Review Of James Franco’s Sexy Gay Murder Drama May Surprise You


The first review of the James Franco-produced-and-starring gay porn true crime drama King Cobra is in, and judging by its reception at the Tribeca Film Festival where it premiered over the weekend, the film may be the antithesis of gay required viewing like 2008’s Milk.

It’s the opposite end of the inspiration spectrum, but you can bet it’ll generate conversation once more gay audiences dive into the sordid mess.

We knew it would be salacious, racy and strange — those are just givens.

But as per this review in The Wrap, it’s also a quality film with some memorable laughs. Who’da thunk?!

Here’s an excerpt:

Movies don’t get much juicier, funnier, creepier, sadder, or smarter than writer-director Justin Kelly‘s “King Cobra,” which dramatizes a real-life murder case set in the world of gay porn. Kelly’s work is outstanding, as he manages to control the most seemingly uncontrollable material while exploring many different facets of the case. “King Cobra” is as in-your-face explicit a gay movie as has ever been made with recognizable male actors, including producer James Franco, who predictably takes the lion’s share of the most physical sex scenes, and Christian Slater.

Head here for the full review, which includes a detailed breakdown of what you can expect from the film.