The Forthcoming Tome From Ted Haggard Is Not the Karma Sutra


It’s not enough that HBO filmed a biopic about his fall from grace or that he appeared on Divorce Court to talk about not getting divorced. Now Ted Haggard and wife Gayle secured book deals for themselves so they can taunt America with his tales of being a recovering homosexual.

How do we know all this? Because Haggard is Twittering up a storm: “My literary agent has an agreement done for me and Gayle. Agent at Jan Miller at Miller/DuPree,” which was followed minutes later with, “My guess is that you will see books by both of us by the end of the year or early next year.”

Hopefully there will be an entire chapter devoted to that house party he was throwing the other night, which he ducked away from to text and dial for Kris Allen. (He didn’t vote for Adam Lambert because, Haggard tweets, “Rick Bezet, Kris Allen’s pastor, and I have been friends for 30 years. Thus, Haggard support of Allen.”

In the meantime, Ted and Gayle find themselves almost ready to begin empty nesting: “Alex, our 18 yr old, is graduating from HS today and moving into apt tomorrow. He has his job, car, is accepted to college, etc. Good guy!” That leaves just 14-year-old Elliot living at home and suffering through dad and mom’s publicity nightmare.