The Game’s “Gay” Punishment

The Game gets it both ways in the UK.

British Broadcasting Corporation decided to bar the American rapper from giving interviews after he referred to gays as “faggots” during a 2006 interview on The Jo Whiley Show. Though BBC execs understand many people were offended by The Game’s comments, they refuse to issue a similar moratorium on his music. Our melanin-inclined sister Stereohyped passes on Exclaim’s note:

The Compton rapper reportedly referred to gay men as “faggots” and “not real men.”

As you can imagine, the complaints began flooding into the network. The BBC has chosen not to punish Whiley for her part in the interview, stating she made a “sincere, full and swift apology and distanced herself and the network from The Game’s comments.” They were also quick to acknowledge the Game’s words as “very offensive, completely unacceptable and clearly homophobic.”

Though a ban has been placed on interviewing the rapper, the BBC has admitted it will not place a ban on his music.

How fair and even-minded of BBC.