The Gay Community Finally Has A Reason To Care About The World Series

Despite some ugly tweets from ticked-off Cardinals fans, professional sports has made amazing progress in the last year or so, both in reaching out to the LGBT community and in actually standing up for our rights. As we head into Game One of the World Series tonight (its like the Oscars of baseball but with no red carpet or Billy Crystal), we thought it’d be appropriate to thank all the Major League Baseball players, teams, managers and owners who have helped create a more inclusive and gay-positive wide world of sports.

Above, check out the San Francisco Giants contribution to the It Gets Better Project: “We speak for the entire Giants organization when we say there is no place in society for hatred and bullying against anyone,” says pitcher Barry Zito. (Detroit hasn’t done one yet but there is a petition out there. Maybe openly gay ex-Tigers outfielder Billy Bean can help.)

We all have LGBT friends who are sports fanatics, but until recently it hasn’t really felt like there’s been a place for us as a community in the bleachers. That’s rapidly changing—from LGBT nights at various stadiums to pro athletes who are even more outspoken on marriage equality than we are. (That’s Giant’s pitcher Matt Cain and his wife, Chelsea, in a No H8 photo above.)

It would be unsportsmanlike for us to openly root for the Giants—even though our corporate bosses live in SF—so we’ll just say we hope everyone plays a good game.

And that maybe next year someone playing in the World Series has come out and said he plays for our team.

Photo: Adam Bouska

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  • Michael

    Billy Crystal would be there if the Yankees had made it. Fortunatly for most Obama supporters the Dems win the White House when the Yankees are not in the World Series.

  • kevininbuffalo

    Will the “Gay Community” ever grow up enought to realize that the world does not revolve
    around our dicks?

  • RomanHans

    @kevininbuffalo: You’re just jealous because yours isn’t big enough to have its own gravity.

  • pcfreeloader1

    Really…what do LGBT issues have to do with who wins the WORLD SERIES? I am a gay man who happens to LOVE professional baseball…and trust me, there is nothing sexual about it. Why do we have to make EVERYTHING and issue?

  • thomwatson

    Who’s making it an issue or says it’s at all sexual? It’s not surprising, within any fandom, that LGBT fans might wish to hang out together or come together in online spaces, knowing that they can be completely themselves and not have to worry about the homophobia that often comes from other fans. This is true not just of baseball, but of many hobbies; it’s sometimes easier or more fulfilling for some to enjoy their hobby in a place and manner free of homophobia. No one is saying it’s the only right way, or that you have to engage with other gay fans, but why would you be so hostile to the idea if others want to enjoy their fandom that way?

  • Dawson

    Go Giants.

  • sebbie3000

    @kevininbuffalo: Umm… That came out of nowhere! Why would the gay community want to revolve around your dicks? And who else’s dicks are you referring to?

    You do realise being gay is more than just ‘dicks’ don’t you – although it doesn’t help when we have to deal with asinine dicks, like yourself, alot…

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