The Gay Foodie Biopic Toast Goes Heavy On The Meringue

If you’re reading this on a laptop in England then this post might be old news. That’s because Toast, the biopic of gay food writer Nigel Slater (Eating For England), based on his memoir of the same name, already aired on BBC1 as a TV movie.

American readers, on the other hand—especially riot-news-avoiding Anglophiles with insatiable appetites for period-adorable British everything—will definitely enjoy this trailer for the film, coming to U.S. theaters in October. Toast is more than willing to scratch your Julie & Julia-meets-An Education itch. It stars Freddie Highmore—that kid from Finding Neverland—as Slater and Helena Bonham Carter as the deliciously mean stepmum. It’s almost laws-of-physics impossible to be more English than Carter without involuntarily morphing into Maggie Smith.

In the film, Slater turns to cooking as a safe haven from his depressing 1960s British home life: both his parents have died and he’s stuck with his selfish, petty stepmother (Carter), the Slaters’ former housekeeper. Along the way he falls in love with the landlady’s son and realizes he needs to take control of his own life.

Also, there will be pie. There aren’t nearly enough movies devoted to pie.

Toast opens theatrically in the United States October 7. Save room for several desserts after viewing.

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  • No. 1

    I avtually saw this movie on Youtube a year ago. I wonder why they’ve decided to release it in theaters now.

  • Mike in Asheville

    Let me see if I understand this post: there is a movie based on the autobiography of an English chef’s story of growing up in England — and your complaint is that there English actors in the movie set in 1960 British homelife is all too English?

  • chrissie riot

    I’m excited about this. It’ll be nice to see a movie where Helena Bonham Carter isn’t made to be a weird looking freak.

  • sam

    @Mike in Asheville: They w ere making a joke, not complaining -_-

  • Charlie

    Saw this movie on BBC1 about a year ago and enjoyed it. Glad you’ll get the chance to see it! Don’t take it too literally though, when it aired here in England, the real life daughters of the step-mum complained about how horribly it potrayed their mother, and said it was entirely inaccurate…

  • K.

    Would have been nice if they had made mention of the homosexual content before my 86 year old grandmother saw it. I’m not offended by two BOYS (OR WAS ONE A MAN?) kissing, but at least give respect to viewers who may have elderly people or children watching with them.

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