The Gay Genocide on Television Dramas: Comedy + Reality TV Are the Only Safe Zones

A disturbing trend is sweeping television: Writers are killing off all the gay characters! Every time we make strides (like the hot gay cop in Southland), we see our favorite homos being wiped clean from scripts. Injustices!

The website AfterElton looks at recent gay killings, following the — SPOILER ALERT!! — double gay deaths of Barca and Pietros on Starz’s insanely homoerotic Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Perhaps the only solace we have with those deaths weren’t motivated by their sexuality, but by greed (and lies). So, yay?

The list of gay characters recently killed off includes Big Love‘s Dale Tomasson (the Mormon who couldn’t deal with his homosexuality), as well as Felix on Battlestar Galactica, True Blood‘s coroner, and Torchwood‘s Ianto Jones, lover of John Barrowman’s character (which spawned accusations of homophobia).

But all is not lost when it comes to our fare gays on television. As mentioned above, Soutland‘s John Cooper, played by Michael Cudlitz, is still well and good in the show’s second season on TNT. Then again, he is LAPD, so opportunities to kill him off are high. There’s Glee‘s Kurt, who’s not exactly in a high risk career (unless you consider “high school” to be exactly that). Modern Family‘s Mitchell and Cam don’t seem destined for death. And the only one who’s gonna kick it on Drag Race are RuPaul’s heels.

But AfterElton‘s list is notable for all the characters being killed off on violent and physiological dramas: Damages, Sleeper Cell, In Treatment, The Sopranos. So, word of advice for actors looking for work: If the show calls for you to play gay, make sure the script breaks with “[LAUGHTER]” more often than not.