The Gay-Hating Benham Brothers Now Officially Hate Michael Sam

HT_benham_brothers_jef_140509_16x9_992Twin brothers Jason and David Benham had their upcoming do-it-yourself HGTV show unceremoniously axed last week after their extreme antigay, anti-Muslim and pro-life views were exposed by Right Wing Watch, so like any typical bigot crying “intolerance” in the face of decency, they’re taking their views on a traveling roadshow to any television network that will interview them this week.

On Monday, the identical nut cases sat down with The Blaze to talk about Michael Sam, the first openly gay player in history to be drafted by the NFL. As you would expect, they hate him.

Speaking on behalf of both brothers, David Benham says that Michael Sam is really “not healthy for us…as a nation”:

“Michael Sam is a talented football player and for that, he should be playing in the NFL. But … both heterosexual and homosexual expressions outside of the context of traditional, historic marriage between a man and a woman are not healthy for us as individuals, or for us as a nation. But we eagerly look forward to watching Michael Sam, hopefully, crush Tom Brady in the upcoming football season.”

But according to them, they don’t hate him:

“When you love God, you will love others, but that does not mean you will love all ideas, [and] that does not mean that you will love all actions. God doesn’t love all of my actions, no matter what they are. My heterosexual adulterous longings, at times, he doesn’t love that. Those must stop. And it’s the same way for any type of action that’s outside of the will of God.”

Perhaps they could audition for the 700 Club? We’re sure Pat Robertson is going to need a replacement pretty soon…

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  • drivendervish

    These two guys are so annoying. They drone on and on about how they love gay people and blacks, and Latinos, etc.But have no clue what that means! They love everybody until anybody starts to look or act a little different than them and then they say that God doesn’t like that idea. As if they speak for God. I pity these two guys for patterning their lives based on their interpretation of the dictates of an entity that doesn’t exist!

  • Billy Budd

    People can find all kinds of justifications for hatred and bigotry in the bible. The first testament is bloody.

  • e.c.

    As usual, two me LOVING each other is somehow destructive to society.

  • Kangol

    @B Damion:

    I hear you and love the trashy issh Queerty focuses on too, but these two crackpots are rightwing hom0phobe supremacists who had their show yanked off TV once the station realized how toxic their beliefs and statements were. It’s an important story in that it shows how broadcasters, like other parts of American society, are increasingly not ignoring hateful speech and actions. In this case, HGTV preemptively took them off the air, and Queerty is showing us why.

    But we still have a long way to go, in the US and elsewhere.

  • B Damion

    @Kangol …aint that the truth. Let the church say Amen!

  • Desert Boy

    I’m so tired of the media whore nitwits. Please, just go away.

  • redcarpet

    These two are ripe for a twin-cest gay porn parody.

    “Oh pastor, I’ve never done this before” Boom chicka wow wow.

  • barkomatic

    I definitely don’t share the views of these brothers on gay marriage or Michael Sam. I support both gay marriage and Michael Sam.

    However, I didn’t read where they said they “hated” him. Hate is a very strong word with a specific meaning. We tend to overuse this word when describing people who disagree with us and it really isn’t helpful to the human rights movement for gay people.

    An example of a group that truly “hates” gay people is the Westboro Baptist Church.

  • blondeboyz

    I estimate that they are about half way through their five minutes of fame. It may last a bit longer in their church but who cares.

  • spanky

    I don’t hear any hate in their statement? Only disapproval.

  • mcflyer54

    I’m so tired of this old “hate the sin love the sinner” cliche. If you want to use cliches how about “live and let live”?

  • robho3

    new name…. the douche brothers

  • evdanker

    They really should stop talking now.

  • ait10101

    @spanky: I hear a failure of empathy and dehumanization. Perhaps that isn’t hate but it is much more than disapproval.

  • dannyboi2

    @Kangol: Funny I hate to stereotype and in irony I jest, Isn’t HGTV a Gay Channel? HGTV first greenlighted the show and then realized that most there male audience is Gay, so, hmm backtrack before it turns into A&E, Duck Dynasty fiasco, another gay Channel. lol

  • hanfrina

    … These-2-Bozo’z are in-SUCH-denial about their-OWN-sexual orientation. Thee camera-NEVER-lies like THEM!!! LOL!!!

  • lykeitiz

    Why are these 2 d-bag nobodies getting another 5 minutes?

  • Mezaien

    @lykeitiz: That what`s happen to some f.U.C.K.E.D UP ass holes the mom told them they are white. The USA is in to big shit.

  • Bryguyf69

    I wish you wouldn’t call the Benham brothers “pro-life.” By doing so, you are helping the Religious Right with their rhetorical propaganda. It’s similar to saying that pro-choice people are “anti-life” or “pro-abortion.” Trust me, very few people want to have an abortion or to perform it. Even the one-child-only Chinese Communists see it as an unfortunate necessity. Furthermore, saying “pro-life” presumes that a fetus — including a single fertilized cell — is human life, a belief that many dispute. The proper term for the Benham Brothers is “anti-choice” or “anti-abortion.”

  • Red_Dragon_888

    These ladies doth protest way too much, methinks.

  • brianmovie

    May-be they can work for the Fox entertainment channel.


    Their Father, Flip (amazingly appropriate name as in flipped out) has been on the outer limits of the absolute insane nutbag hatefilled lunatic fringe for years…………..

    Not too much of a suprise the twin rotten apples don’t fall far from that infected tree…………


    @Red_Dragon_888: I can deal with the Peter twins, these guys not so much…….. :p

  • mezzacanadese

    They say that Michael Sam is not healthy for us as a nation, but what is not healthy is their own anti-gay views.

  • Curtispsf

    @barkomatic: Well said, Barky. Now every male set of twins I’ve known are gay. I’m not sure if that says anything about the circles I travel in OR whether it means ALL male twins are gay.
    But from MY experience, ALL male twins ARE gay! Having a 3 way with twins is awesome…oops, said too much.

    An observation: doesn’t the twin on the left look like his head was photo shopped in? It’s got that face on a stick look so common of photoshop.

  • pattygale

    Someone who I greatly admired, even though we differed radically on social issues, used to preach against marriage equality and the for sanctity of marriage. Now he has admitted to numerous affairs and an addiction to pornography, the moral being that talk is cheap and people like these douchey brothers undoubtedly have plenty of skeletons in their closets (no pun intended.) The only people who will listen to them are hypocrites like them, so let the narrow their view limit their world. We are the lucky ones whose world will continue to expand with new ideas and new people. And don’t lecture me about my sinful friend, he’s learned that if God has a problem with someone’s lifestyle, He’ll sort it out without our help.

  • ChuckGG

    They claim they are not intolerant bigots and they really believe this. I hear this same claim from any number of those who justify their views based upon religion. From what I see, they have it in their minds that religion trumps everything else and thus they are only following what to them is absolutely clear about same-sex marriage and being gay.

    As long as they happily swill down this Kool-Aid, they never will change their views. They do not even see why their views are questioned!

    And, if that were not enough, anyone who disagrees with their religious viewpoint is “trampling on their religious freedoms.” There never is an explanation how they are not doing the same to other religions that DO support same-sex marriage.

    It is this in a nutshell: They are nuts. You are never going to change their minds. We’ve hit the tipping point on SSM and the legal precedent is on our side. Best bet is just to let them go and allow them to float away on the ice floe, clutching their bibles, and waiting for the Rapture. Anything else is a fool’s errand on our part.

  • ouragannyc

    Really tired of people saying what God wants, who/what God is…

  • Boricuaex

    These two guys are couple of assholes. Frankly, I couldn’t give a good Goddamn that their show was canceled even before it aired. There is no room for their ridiculous rhetoric and the subtext of their proselytization that they are victims of the “gay” agenda. Really? What the hell agenda is that, to not experience discrimination anymore?

    You mean like the Christians experienced in pagan Rome? Oh wait, they didn’t experience discrimination, they simply fed them to the lions, right?

    Well, no one’s feeding me to any lion just because they think I’d make a nice ham sandwich for one.

  • SteveDenver

    Isn’t it stunning how they hate Michael Sam, but probably couldn’t recite ten things he’s said. On the other hand, I’ve watched their YouTube videos, come-ons for young people to attend their ridiculously expensive stadium show in the name of Jesus, their screeds delivered in person at the gate of a women’s health clinic; and I’ve heard their idiot father “Flip” and his anti-abortion lunacy.

    Their stupid Bible COMMANDS that they love, and love their enemies. What crappy Christians they are.

    I hate them.

  • tdx3fan

    From the interviews I have heard, part of the show on HGTV was them hanging out in the gym talking about the show topic. I wonder why they wanted to be in the gym on a network that caters to gay men and women. I think they doth protest to much. I would not be too surprised if it comes out that they are secretly into each other.

  • stanhope

    All of these eloquent words….to sum it up far less eloquently but just as effectively…they are douchebags.

  • tdx3fan

    @lykeitiz: Because they are hot and white. If they were ugly or black, they would have never even made it on their first show to talk about their stupidity.

  • MrKev

    These two queens couldn’t have bigger gayface if they tried.

  • tdx3fan

    @ChuckGG: We have not hit the “tipping point” on gay marriage and legal precedent is not “on our side.” Until the SCOTUS issues an actual ruling on any of the cases that are going up for appeals that find banning gay marriage unconstitutional, we are in a legal limbo. It is quite possible that the SCOTUS could come back and say that gay marriage should be up to the individual states or that it should be banned all together. This only gets more and more likely as Obama’s presidency keeps ticking out and old Ginsberg keeps getting older. If we get a Republican president after Obama, which is likely because of the Obama mess, we could be screwed if we lose a liberal leaning justice.

  • tdx3fan

    @SteveDenver: I’m not sure what their pro-life views have to do with being gay. I know plenty of gay people that are anti-abortion. I think the two are completely separate issues, and when we attempt to combine them, it is problematic.

  • ChuckGG

    @tdx3fan: For decades now, I have been waiting for SCOTUS to take up the issue of same-sex marriage, and as I expected, once SSM cases hit the courts the issue of civil marriage (vs. religious marriage) was a slam-dunk (to me) for all the legal reasons so eloquently put forth by the pro-SSM side.

    The anti-SSM has no valid, reasonable, argument against civil SSM that would prevail in court. There is not one and never has been one. If you take the most conservative strict constructionist court and run SSM past them, they still “follow the law” and the strict interpretation, and find in favor of SSM and find the anti-SSM arguments have utterly no validity.

    Where do we stand? We have 17 states & DC where SSM is legal. Those are highly unlikely to be reversed. In the remaining 33 states, 29 have current cases, several of which already have overturned the bans and are simply on-hold pending appeals. We have 80% approval rating for SSM in the 30 and under crowd. That’s not a legal asset but it does state where all this is going.

    I agree, we should not count our chickens before they hatch, but I also do not think we should waste our time on religious nutbars who lost a TV show and whose only argument against SSM is some claptrap from a bible that has -zero- chance of prevailing in court.

    Worst case scenario is that SCOTUS punts on this and kicks it back to the States. Hardly ideal but considering the Feds already recognize any and all things SSM, then all that remains are the backwater states and additional court cases that will challenge Article IV, Section 1, “full faith & credit.” That inequality of civil marriage contracts across state lines looks like an easy win.

    It ain’t over til it’s over, but I’m not seeing anything to reverse it. Even the bible thumpers and the Catholic church acknowledge this. Say what you want about them but they don’t throw good money after bad and we and they know they’ve lost on this if you look at the financial situation and lack of donations to NOM and other hate groups.

    Be vigilant, yes, but you can put the champagne on ice. Wait a bit before popping the cork.

  • ChuckGG

    @tdx3fan: The issue with the religious crowd is not abortion one way or the other, but the idea that they have the right to tell other people how to live and what they can and cannot do. They feel justified in doing this because their particular version of an ancient document tells them their actions are righteous.

    I forgot which Democrat stated it about abortion but it was something like: “I want abortion to be safe, legal, and rare.” And, quite right, that’s a reasonable compromise.

    The bizarre belief that outlawing abortion will cause abortions to cease doesn’t account for human nature. The religious crowd that is so wound around the axle about abortion is also anti-birth control and anti-sex education. Even Surgeon General Koop said that if you want to stop abortion you need to stop unwanted pregnancy. I’m surprised the bible thumpers did not lynch the man for such a statement. Of course, if you are looking for logic, forget about looking at the religious crowd.

    These two twins are entitled to their views no matter how bizarre we might think they are. The line is drawn when they start changing the laws to affect all of the rest of us.

  • tdx3fan

    @ChuckGG: I would not go that far. This argument is simply not over yet, and the SCOTUS has a horrible track record of making bad decisions. “Separate but Equal” is an example of that, and it took them 50 years to overturn that decision.

    Sure, the lower courts might rule according to the law, but the SCOTUS makes the law, and if they decide that there is no fundamental right to gay marriage it will leave us in the same situation we are currently in. I really do not see them attempting to strip states of gay marriage, but I still think this is better off in a state by state fight.

    If they were to rule that there is no constitutional right to marriage, then that not only invalidates all of the court cases that are facing appeal, but it also removes a huge argument that has been used in all of those court cases.

    Of course, the average person thinks this would be an idiotic ruling by the SCOTUS, but thy are really good at making idiotic rulings.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @redcarpet: LOLOL… If those ‘boyz’ isn’t gay, then I’m straight! Porn Bros indeed!

  • ChuckGG

    @Dakotahgeo: Keep in mind that in the bible thumper world, there is no “gay.” There is only “marital relations” and “sinning.”

    None of those TV preachers caught with their boyfriends and kilo of coke ever admitted being “gay.” They always said, “I’ve sinned.”

    Call it what you want, I think those ankles have been airborne more than once.

  • spanky

    @ait10101: Agreed Yellow Journalism, on the part of Queerty…………

  • woodin

    it would be interesting to see these “christian” loud mouths/false prophet types to wake up one day and realize they have actually been worshiping Satan. for all the social destruction/discord they create, mask hatred and bigotry….makes one wonder what God they are worshiping because it certainly isn’t mine.

  • hotboyvb81

    I’d post something- but I’m not allowed to have an opinion….(everyone else commenting is OK, when I do, I’m a troll and must be stopped)

  • hotboyvb81

    @hotboyvb81: because I don’t like 1 guy and his mafia is very powerful!

  • Tackle

    From far back they look hot. But close up, not so mach. They look like the results from inbreeding.

  • Maude


    I am a gay christian.

    That said, I am astonished at the depth of the hatred I read here today.

    These brothers are devout Christians. Would you expect them to endorse our way of life? Do you endorse theirs? Perhaps you should look to God for guidance in your demands for conformity to your way of life, while you extend none to theirs.

    Can’t you see that makes you a hypocrite!

    I am a gay man , and though I disagree with many of my fellow Christens, I do so without hatred in my heart.

    The “gay mafia” that seems to have taken hold of many of us, is not us.

    The well educated among us must not allow the emotional crowd of misfits to set back our cause for mutual respect and understanding, or we risk total loss of our dignity.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @Maude: As a “well-educated among us,” you need to learn the difference between “christian” and “Christian” and figure out which one you are! Just because some people don’t act the way WE approve does NOT make them “misfits.”! Pastor Dak!

  • BrokebackBob

    I predict one of them will be hauled in for physically gay-bashing and killing an otherwise innocent gay person. In prison, his brother will ask for conjugal visits, just him and his ‘bro.

  • AllenSF

    We rail against bigots the we give them a platform to speak and pay them way too much attention. I think we just need to ignore them as if they don’t exist which is the truth for me. What they say has no impact upon me whatsoever and I just don’t care! This applies to all the rightwing nuts and bigots out there.

  • Bryguyf69

    @Maude: @Maude: Er, there’s a BIG difference in not “endorsing” and ACTIVELY CONDEMNING and pathologizing a group. Are you seriously misguided and naive enough to equate the two. Apparently so, since you call us hypocrites. Here’s a reality check. We ALL have negative feelings toward many things — whether that be someone else’s appearance, behavior, beliefs, etc. But as harmonious respectful adults, we tend to keep silent. We don’t endorse, but neither do we condemn or moralize. On the hand, the Benham brothers have actively condemned gays through demonstrations and the media.

    The Benhams have accused gays of bringing down the nation — in other words, inviting the wrath that destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah. In secular terms, treason. Whether religious or secular, the sentence is often death. Is that not what the Bible says? Under what interpretation are you excusing the Benhams? Under what facts are you equating us with them? Quote me one gay activist that wants the Benhams killed. You may claim that they never said the word “kill” (etc). But when they fervently promote a text that does call the death of gays as infallible, they are indeed calling for our destruction.

    Do you really not understand how their actions affect gay youth? Look up studies on self-esteem and suicide among LGBTs. After all, how can one feel good knowing that s/he will eventually bring about the nation’s destruction? Might as well kill oneself. And even if a gay teen is intelligent enough to ignore religious nonsense, can s/he really ignore the fists of those less intelligent? Guess what — the Benhams’ activism give license to violence against gays. After all, shouldn’t a good Christian eliminate that which offends God? Shouldn’t a good patriot eliminate that which destroys the nation?

    So where is the equivalence with gay activists, or the “gay Mafia”? Tell me where gays have negatively affected the psyches of Christian youths. Give me the stats on Christian suicides due to gay activism.

    Do you see us spontaneously going to churches and the Benham’s homes to protest? Nope. We only do so in REACTION to something they’ve done. On the other hand, the Benhams have spouted anti-gay (and anti-choice and anti-Muslim) rhetoric without provocation. DOnt believe me? Look it up. Look at their demonstrations, public speeches, media appearances and writings.

    If you have internal conflicts reconciling your faith with your sexuality, that’s your problem. But don’t accuse us of being hypocrites and illogically equating not endorsing with active condemnation. I don’t want their endorsement. I just want them to shut up and mind their own business.

  • fredo777

    @Tackle: “From far back they look hot. But close up, not so mach. They look like the results from inbreeding.”

    Good from afar, far from good. I have no clue why anyone keeps saying that these two are hot. Other, of course, than the tired “blond = hot” knee-jerk reaction.

  • ChuckGG

    @Maude: Maude – I recall when I was a young lad growing up in a small town in Maine. We had a wide variety of churches and even a Jewish synagogue. There were people of English, French, and Arab backgrounds. We all got along with each other. We all attended the only schools in the town. No one ever spoke of religion or even the difference among the various religions. Religion was a personal subject, left to the individual. Above everything, we respected each other and left others alone.

    Fast-forward to today. I was perfectly fine carrying on the tradition with which I grew up. But, elements on the Radical Right (the Jerry Falwell, et. al. crowd) declared back in the 1980’s the equivalent of a Christian Jihad against all who did not agree with their views on religion. We had groups of people flying the “Christian” banner, actively seeking to change our secular laws to deny us every basic right imaginable – all in the name of “religious freedom.”

    As I said in my other posting in this column, the religious crowd cannot grasp the concept that they and their bible do not trump the civil rights of others. You may do as you please in your church and in your personal life. You do NOT have the right to impose your Christian version of Sharia law into our laws. You just do not. And, I can speak for most of us, we will fight that effort until our dying day. No one cares what you do in your church but you cannot “trample on the religious freedoms [including no religion]” of others and their churches. That is exactly what is going on with today’s “Christian” crowd.

    As far as “redefining marriage,” that is a huge bucket of baloney. We are talking about CIVIL marriage having -zero- to do with any church. If two straight atheists can go to City Hall, obtain a marriage license from the State, and be married by a Judge, with no mention whatsoever of God or religion, then it is easy to see that CIVIL marriage does not require any blessing from any particular spook in the sky. That is ALL the same-sex marriage issue is about – CIVIL marriage. Originally, I thought this whole issue on SSM would be a slam-dunk as it related only removing the same-gender restrictions on civil marriage that have nothing to do with a church marriage ceremony. I underestimated the ignorance and stupidity of the American public.

    If the “Christians” of today feel threatened and “put upon,” well, they started this war but we’re going to finish it. Sometimes it is a long battle but ultimately Civil Rights triumphs over ignorance, bigotry, and hatred, even when it is wrapped up in a religious shroud instead of white hood.

  • Maude

    Your argument is not without merit, and neither is theirs.

    Mine is already stated, and I emphasize it’s the hate on our side that prompts me to speak out.

    So what if they hate. Who’s the better man? Suppress the hate and gain supporters to your cause, or spout the hate and lose all but the worst element among us.

  • Bryguyf69

    @Maude: Here’s an excerpt by David Benham writing in the Christian Post:

    “In the Leviticus passage above it says that death is the consequence for homosexual sin. This is how detestable this type of sin is to God. However, Jesus came and took the consequences of this sin upon Himself on the cross. Homosexual sin is covered by the blood of Jesus the same way stealing is. The only difference today is that homosexual sin carries with it an agenda, other sins do not. Homosexuality demands acceptance, and the blood of Jesus cannot forgive sins that are no longer sins. The blood of Jesus cleanses sin.”

    So tell me, what “hate” toward the Benhams is equivalent to that passage? Quote me the post on Queerty that invoked your first message. Note that we only criticize the Benhams for their actions. They, on the other hand, condemn our very existence. They’re not condemning gay sex or even gay marriage — but simply being gay, regardless of sexual activity or martial status. So exactly how are we hypocrites? Or are you saying that we should remain silent?

  • ChuckGG

    @Bryguyf69: Very well stated to Maude. But, I doubt it will sink in. As I mentioned elsewhere, the religious crowd truly believes they and all they do are in the right because their bible tells them so. I rarely see any compromise because in their minds they are dealing with absolutes.

  • Mark Jenkins

    I don’t like these two guys for their negative views any less than the rest of us- but for Queerty to start paraphrasing in the second sentence- (means you’ve left something out)- that may or may not change the text of the whole article- don’t take things out of context to try and twist the article to say what you want or to support your own take on stuff- That’s what the right-wingers are doing with THE Bible- and it just takes away from your credibility as a journalist. It’s not the first time it’s happened, either- this site is getting to be like the gay version of Nat’l Enquirer.

  • Rusty

    No one can speak for god. Boys married boys in centuries past, they lived their whole lives together and now the LGBT movement is moving us in that direction thank God. Hopefully the next generation will be less biggoted and we can move forwards or back.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @ChuckGG: As an ordained Christian minister, I support and approve your comments (but you really don’t need my approval;-)). However, don’t sweep us all under the bigot rug because the general public DOES support the GLBT community today along with marriage equality. In fact, the general is becoming the majority, and in some cases a strong majority. I’ve helped many of the church wounded enter the church again. It’s just a matter of finding a church that loves and supports ALL of God’s children! Blessings, peace, joy!
    Pastor Dak!

  • Dakotahgeo

    @ChuckGG: LOLOL… I think you’re right.. I KNOW you’re right! I am so allergic to televangeliCONs! Kudos! D!

  • Dakotahgeo

    @ChuckGG: But that’s only because the “religious” extremists use the Bible as a WMD! (weapon of mass destruction). God sooo DOES NOT appreciate that!

  • Dakotahgeo

    @Bryguyf69: Your comments are so right on the mark! Thank you and Kudos!

  • ChuckGG

    @Dakotahgeo: Thanks, and no, I would not lump everyone into the nutbar box that is the Jerry Falwell crowd and its legacy. However, you must have observed the same evolution from religion being a personal and private matter to the Christian Jihadists we see today. I always said during the Cold War that we had little to fear from the Soviet Union (I worked in the Pentagon in basement in those days). The real problem would come from the Middle East and some nutbar causing problems in the name of his religion.

    While we don’t have too many “Christians” here in the USA blowing themselves up we do have Christian snipers taking out doctors who perform abortions. We also have an entire “Christian” machine designed to change our democracy into a theocracy. If we can have a “Gay Agenda,” then I think it only fair we equally label these efforts the “Christian Agenda.” We both know neither label is fair as many on both sides are far more moderate.

    Please know that most of us recognize that the majority of Christians are not the nutbars we see at the Westboro Baptist Church. That said, groups like the WBC exist and we must be strident to ensure their efforts are thwarted.

    Another point I would like to make: What is it with the label, “Christian?” When I was a kid, people actually said they were Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, etc. No one ever said they were a “Christian.” Why this “lumping” of everyone together as a “Christian?” I personally think it is a “power in numbers” ploy. I would much rather dump the term “Christian” and have people call themselves whatever faith they actually belong. That way, the real numbers, per faith, of how people feel would be made public. We might get some discussion going on amongst the faiths instead of between those of the various faiths and the rest of us who, like myself, have no interest in religion but do not object to anyone practicing religion, as long as the rights of others are respected. And, while I appreciate the efforts, I have no interest in being “saved” or “born again,” so save the cab fare leave the rest of us the heck alone for a change. I realize that many religions aren’t happy until they have converted everyone but after awhile, even my tolerance to people banging on my door on a Saturday to “save” me has grown very, very thin.

    From my viewpoint, young people becoming less involved with the “old time hocus-pocus” religions is a good thing. Science and reality are good things and if we had more of that in the Middle East we might not have people being stoned to death because they drew a picture of some Grand Poobah of their ancient, dogmatic, intolerant religion.

  • Mark Jenkins

    @Maude: My God doesn’t allow hatred into his heart- nor does he condone it in yours-he loves us one and all, no matter our skin tone,sexual preference or even personal belief. I do feel however that HE will eventually be a harsh judge of those who have presumed to know what he wants, how he thinks, and what he wants the rest of us to believe. That being said, everyone is entitled to his own opinion. It’s for the rest of us to rise above that opinion and show that we’re above giving that kind of trash talk any notice. Do what feels right in your heart, love your fellow man (whenever you get the chance-pun intended)- and enjoy life as best you can. Those who have a problem with our lifestyle will get their proper comeuppance in due time.

  • Dakotahgeo

    Um Um Umph!!! AB SO LUTE LY!!! I’d rather refer to myself as a Mennonite (Progressive) but you are correct, I don’t know where this “Christian” crapola came about… wait… yes I do! This started to emanate from the religious right wing extremists who referred to themselves as “Christians,” CERTAINLY MUCH BETTER than anyone else! (I used to be a Baptist minister… that denomination… all 57 varieties!… was the dysfunctional denomination on earth… bar none!) I always label myself as a Mennonite unless someone asks me, “Are you a Christian?” Usually they want information. But yes, your comment above is absolutely on the mark. On a highway near my boyhood farm, a road sign said, “You Need Jesus Christ.” As a young Christian, I always felt, “Oh really???” sarcastically of course. As a rascal I used to write on the bathroom walls, “Jesus Saves… Green Stamps!” Jesus never sid we shouldn’t have a little fun in life. He DID have a sense of humor also! Kudos!

  • Dakotahgeo

    @Dakotahgeo: Correction: “…was the MOST* dysfunctional denomination on earth… bar none!).

  • Bryguyf69

    @Mark Jenkins: What are you referring to? he second sentence in this article is, “On Monday, the identical nut cases sat down with The Blaze to talk about Michael Sam, the first openly gay player in history to be drafted by the NFL.” I don’t see any paraphrasing or quoting out of context in that sentence. Furthermore, all quotes are referenced back to the original source, whose links Queerty provides. Does the National Enquirer do that? I’m a researcher and what Queerty does here is similar to what we do in academic journals — that is, provide sources. Furthermore, there is no ban on using ellipsis (“…”) to keep quotes focused and relevant.

    Since Queerty provide the original sources, I highly doubt if they’d misquote to fit their narrative — as you’ve accused. Why would they risk being being exposed, discredited and ridiculed? If you want to see the original sources, simply click on the red links that state “were exposed by Right Wing Watch” and “The Blaze”

    Am I misunderstanding your complaint, or is it you who misunderstand the article and how to link sources?

  • ChuckGG

    @Dakotahgeo: Our wall writings were: “Jesus Saves, Moses Invests.” Another favorite bumper sticker I still see occasionally: “Jesus – Save me from your followers.” That about sums it up.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @ChuckGG: LOLOL… gotta love Gandhi!

  • Bryguyf69

    @Mark Jenkins: ADDENDUM: Sorry, I was interrupted in my previous reply… You complained that Queerty somehow quoted the Benhams out of context, possibly to fit Queeerty’s narrative. Quoting is technically always out of context since the only way to be in perfect context would be to copy the entire source. And that’s known as Plagiarism. As YouTube reminds us, simply giving attribution doesn’t allow you to repost someone else’s video in its entirety. So we rely the Fair Use Doctrine, which states, in part, that brief excerpts are allowable. And the less you quote, the safer you are. And that’s how Queerty quoted the Benhams. There is nothing dishonest since they link back to the source for readers to check.

  • Bryguyf69

    @Mark Jenkins: As for equating Queerty to bible thumpers, WTF??? First off, bible thumpers rarely misquote or quote out of context. They quote verbatim out of the bible. The problem is not textual context but historical and factual context! Forbidding homosexuality and masturbation (Onanism) makes perfect sense when you need to foster reproduction. And that was indeed the case when Christianity was a small cult. Procreation was key to survival so any sexual act that distracted from reproducing was banned. (on the other hand, adultery was banned because men rarely had the wealth to support illegitimate children, leading to disease, death and competition for resources)

    Underpopulation is of course no longer a problem in most countries. Indeed, the opposite is true. And we now know that homosexuality and masturbation don’t negatively affect population numbers. Furthermore, we no longer need myths to explain natural phenomena. Yet biblical literalists still try to impose ancient ignorance and anachronistic policies onto modern society.

  • Sebizzar

    *yawn* Nobody cares about your out-dated, neanderthal mentalities. Funny how they even kind of look like cavemen trying to dress modern lol.

  • Tackle

    @fredo777: Ditto!!

  • D P

    “When I was in the military, they gave me a medal for killing two men and a discharge for loving one.” – Leonard Matlovich (1943-1988)

    These twins have the same twisted mentality as the mentality Matlovich illustrates with his epitaph. So for these twins, I hope and pray that their children or some loved one(s) go to some military conflict and get killed, so they can have a medal. I doubt that there is a god, and too bad the draft is no more. But if they dispute my sentiments I expressed above, they automatically reveal themselves to be hypocrites.

  • RevJim

    I am 100% Christian and 100% pro-gay and pro-gay marriage – as most true Christians are.
    My concern is how “disagreement” and “disapproval” now equals “hate”. Disapproving or disagreeing with someone actions doesn’t mean you hate them. I fear that the gay community as a whole is becoming the same witch hunters that we accuse anti-gay people of being. So long as we are a free nation of free people, everyone is entitled to believe however the heck they want to believe. They may no like u and we might not like them – but neither of us can dictate to the other how they must think and who they must be. Our duty is not to impede their Right to express their views; our duty is to protect and preserve our mutual sovereign birth Right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. We can’t beat our point of view into tem any ore than they can beat their point of view into us. We have to agree to disagree, and continue to teach the truth until the truth confounds the lies. The LGBT community needs to understand that the idea of two people of the same gender being intimate is extremely revolting to the majority of planet earth. Hey, I’ll be honest myself and say, the very idea of a male and female being romantically/sexually intimate makes my stomach tie in knots. The difference between me and them is that I’ve had my entire life, in my daily interaction with family and society, o get over my arrogant assumption that everyone else has to be and think like me. Most straights did not grow up around gay people, and our community is somehow expecting them all to suddenly just accept it. Well it doesn’t work that way. You can’t snap your fingers and expect someone to suddenly be acceptable with something that s completely foreign and alien to them. It’s just not fair – and it’s just not right! These two brothers were raised in a certain philosophy that convinces them that they are qualified to make sweeping psychological and moral judgments on entire segments of society. Calling them names because of their warped upbringing is not the way to handle this. Teaching the truth us the ONLY way to counter what they are saying; that is how the women suffrage movement did it, it’s how the African Americans did it, its how Gandhi won India’s independence from England. And that’s how LGBTs have to do it. It’s a fight that WILL be won – but it must be fought honestly and justly. If we stoop to their level, we loose.

  • Federico

    This two brothers need to travel the world an educate themselves, they are so ignorant, they talk about God and they totally forget is more people in the planet who doesn’t share the same religion is like nobody else is living in this planet earth, what about Muslin , Buddhism ,Lutheran and those who don’t believe in nothing etc.

    Religion is something personal and can’t not interfere in our personal decision or preferences.

    They just are looking for 5 minutes of fame.

  • ChuckGG

    @Federico: Great suggestion but I’m not sure it would work. I am astounded when I speak with people who have doubled-down on religion. When I point out there are lots of other religions in the world, and even when I discuss the numbers of people in other religions, it makes no impact. I’ve been told that while they understand this, those people in other religions are being deceived. The only TRUE religion is their religion!

    One of the requirements for religion seems to be the installation at birth of blinders so the victims see nothing of the outside world. I suppose it would be difficult to explain another religion claiming the same absolute divine powers as yours and also claiming to be the only real religion. The whole thing is just bizarre but people still believe all this.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @ChuckGG: ” I suppose it would be difficult to explain another religion claiming the same absolute divine powers as yours and also claiming to be the only real religion.” I WOULD SUSPECT they will get the message when the other world religions/governments start beating the hell out of them when they come face to face, armed only with ignorance, with reality. Then watch the fit hit the shan!

  • ChuckGG

    @Dakotahgeo: I agree. Wars have been started for less.

  • D P

    The only good christian and the only righteous person who is rightfully in his right mind spiritually is an Englishman named Pat Condell. Pat said it, I believe it, and that settles it.

    These wingnut twins need to learn the truth from Pat Condell. In the meantime the entire family is entirely deluded.

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