The Gay-Hating Benham Brothers Now Officially Hate Michael Sam

HT_benham_brothers_jef_140509_16x9_992Twin brothers Jason and David Benham had their upcoming do-it-yourself HGTV show unceremoniously axed last week after their extreme antigay, anti-Muslim and pro-life views were exposed by Right Wing Watch, so like any typical bigot crying “intolerance” in the face of decency, they’re taking their views on a traveling roadshow to any television network that will interview them this week.

On Monday, the identical nut cases sat down with The Blaze to talk about Michael Sam, the first openly gay player in history to be drafted by the NFL. As you would expect, they hate him.

Speaking on behalf of both brothers, David Benham says that Michael Sam is really “not healthy for us…as a nation”:

“Michael Sam is a talented football player and for that, he should be playing in the NFL. But … both heterosexual and homosexual expressions outside of the context of traditional, historic marriage between a man and a woman are not healthy for us as individuals, or for us as a nation. But we eagerly look forward to watching Michael Sam, hopefully, crush Tom Brady in the upcoming football season.”

But according to them, they don’t hate him:

“When you love God, you will love others, but that does not mean you will love all ideas, [and] that does not mean that you will love all actions. God doesn’t love all of my actions, no matter what they are. My heterosexual adulterous longings, at times, he doesn’t love that. Those must stop. And it’s the same way for any type of action that’s outside of the will of God.”

Perhaps they could audition for the 700 Club? We’re sure Pat Robertson is going to need a replacement pretty soon…