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  • Jamal

    Yuck. Another gay person perpetuated tired, erroneous stereotypes that to be a gay dude is to be an effeminate, bitchy half-girl. Yuck. Time for normal bisexual and gay dudes to change the perception.


    I 100% agree with the Gay post. Why the fcuk do these asshats feel the need to rampage and destroy in their “celebration” whenever their team wins a championship?

    Hey city officials, this ain’t the first time this has happened. They should have had the National Guard on full standby and absolutly crushed any rioting and immmediatley locked the offenders up, prosecute to the fullest, and impose maxium jail terms for those “celebrating the victory” Am sure that would give pause to those contemplating causing destruction to innocent persons next time………

  • jason

    Look, I also can’t understand why putative straight males need to commit violent acts in the name of celebration. Maybe they don’t get enough sex from women, thus causing a frustration.

  • 7

    This isn’t a straight-gay issue. Most other events just don’t stir up the passions like a sports game does.

    Also, I would wager that the average IQ of someone who watches the Tony Awards is considerably higher than that of the average Lakers fan.

  • samthor

    Just a typical Straight Pride event.

  • Jerrold

    And WHY do people think LA needs another football team?

    We so clearly deserve one…

  • Argos

    Is that a dead deer in that burning shopping cart? I can only hope that it was already dead before that idiot lit it on fire (assuming it’s real at all).

  • :)

    Basketball is probably the best sport on TV.

  • Lookyloo

    I find it interesting that no one’s pointing out that there are gay basketball fans and there surely were some gays ‘celebrating’ with other Laker fans. Plus, the content of the Weho Daily post is tired and old (just like Cher fans).

  • Hilarious

    The white guy in the blue shirt on the right looks pretty gay to me.

    The only thing I took from the picture is Wal-Mart got free advertising.

  • Pip

    Wow those Lakers must have scored a lot of touch downs!

  • Syl

    LA loses a game: riot
    LA wins a game: riot.

    It’s not about straight and gay, it’s about class. Lowlifes around here drunkenly fire guns in the air on the 4th of July and New Years Eve.

    Only in America would a stupid professional sports game (which, let’s be honest, are often as rigged and fake as pro-wrestling) trigger rioting and looting, while people just go “meh” about the real issues (wars, oil spills, debt, etc.).

  • Adam


    False. Rioting over sporting events is not an American thing. Nor is it a gay/straight thing, true. It’s a sports thing. Just look at coverage after wins/losses of any World Cup team.

    It’s still stupid. Just stop burning shit. It doesn’t make your team any better. It just makes the air around their fields and stadiums smell like smoke.

    “Oooooh, I smell smoke. The sports teams in this city must be good. Or bad. One or the other.”

  • ousslander

    the cops should have moved in and started beating the shit out of this people then arrest them. Ridiculous they were allowed to get away with this. Gas em all!

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