Gay History

The Gay Rights Fight Of The ’70s Is Chronicled In An Amazing Compilation Of Vintage TV Clips

It’s LGBT Pride Month, and in our continued efforts to remind you that this month isn’t entirely about exposing as much flesh as possible while participating in your city’s pride march, we found a compilation of some truly amazing vintage clips that expose the faces and goals behind the gay rights struggle of the ’70s.

With so many gains being made in our struggle for full equality, it’s important to pay homage to the LGBT peeps who paved the way for us all to start thinking about putting a ring on it after the third date, and watching this video is definitely a good place to start.

It’s a veritable check list of every notable event from “the Me decade”— including festive early pride parades, horrifying gay bashings and the always amusing spectacle of homophobe Anita Bryant getting a pie in the puss — that’s led to the strides we’ve made during the past year. Plus, there are groovy ’70s fashions, righteous anger, demented clinical references to “homosexuality” by clueless straight reporters abound and you can just smell the free love in the air. Get into how awesome and brave all these people were, get inspired to make some change, and maybe someone will be swooning over clips of you in 30 years.