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The Gay Utah High Schoolers Proudly Creating And Leading ‘Gay Recruiting Tools’

This is just a terrific story about Jason Osmanski, a 17-year-old gay high school student who almost became another statistic when he almost killed himself after years of being told at his Baptist church that homosexuality is a sin, which was followed by bullying at school. But now he’s the head of the Gay-Straight Alliance at Snow Canyon High School in St. George, Utah, which seems to be leading the way of GSA activity in the state, despite efforts from folks like Gayle Ruzicka, president of the Utah Eagle Forum, who say GSAs are merely a “a gay recruiting tool.” Awesome kids: 1; Monsters: 0. [video: Jason was interviewed by the Salt Lake Tribune last year, talking about his suicide attempt]

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    Click on the “THIS” link at the beginning of the blurb for this thread. Jason’s story of comming out to his Mom at Walmart is both adorable and shows just what a Mother should offer to their child, unconditional love……

    I love this kid, he is just what the rightwing hate spewing lunatic nutbags fear most. A Gay teen who almost lost his life because of their wicked campaign of hate, survived and is thriving and proving they are nothing more than hatefulled, vile, reprehensive scum who can not accept anyone who does not fit into their cookie cutter expectations of what their evil ways dictate one should live……….

    In freaking Utah no less!

  • Josh

    I’m having a hard time accepting those bangs.

  • Skeezix

    According to Jason, it was the constant lectures about homosexuality at the Baptist Church that mad him realize that he was gay. It sounds like the churches in Utah are the main gay recruiters in that state.

  • desdemona

    oh my god i don’t know if i’m just in an emotional mood right now or what but it made me cry! SHe is such a good mom! WHy can’t all parents be like her?!

  • Jeff K.

    I hope he left the church for good. He should find a more accepting religious venue or better yet, ditch religion altogether. I highly recommend it!

  • ewe

    He is cute as a button and smart as a whip. Another example of how people use religion as their own evil tool against innocent children and the unnecessary waste of time people on the receiving end of that are forced to spend dealing with that. Someone be sure to tell the heartless fundies that this guy has a mother whose love overcame their ugly hate.

  • turk

    I’m 17 too and mother said she would cut the contact with me
    I wish my mom was like that she is a muslim and I even showed her the film prayers for bobby and she said he should kill himself -_-

    I will never understand how to some patrents religion is more important than their child

    As I always say fuck religion ^^

  • hephaestion

    Gayle Ruzicka has 12 children & 20 granchildren. ONE of them (at least) has to be gay. This Gayle Ruzicka who claims to love families, will no doubt destroy many families in Utah with her ignorance… maybe even her own.

    God bless Jason and his mom.

  • malcanoid

    @turk: Jason’s story is a nice one, a tear jerker because he finds love and support. Your predicament is a cold, heartless, and frightening one. Tell us your story.

    How do you cope with the hate and contempt? Do you still live at home or have you had to move out? Are you out to anyone? What support mechanisms have you got? Have you got any advice for other people in a similar situation? What are your plans? It could help someone else.


    @turk: I wish I could say your Mom will definatley come around, but honestly sometimes these fantatics are too blinded by religious dogma to see how their supposed pious life is hurting their flesh and blood……………….

    Contact the Trevor Project:866-4-U-TREVOR.

    They can assist you if you have an emergency or need someone to blow off steam to…………. Good luck dude

  • randy

    Wait a minute! He was at Sunday school and they told “little kids” about homosexuality?!? Isn’t that exactly what the FRC rail against? That any talk about homosexuality is harmful to kids?

    I say use their own words against them — if they are against teaching about homosexuality in schools, then they should be against it in religious schools and everywhere else. That means no mention of homosexuality AT ALL!

  • Daez

    @ewe: Calm down Mary, he is at least one year younger than your normal “conquests.” You need to wait a year for this one.

    Oh, I definitely think this kid is awesome, I just worry about GSA groups in high schools because it such a difficult time and place to come out.

  • Kurtsa

    I was brought to tears by this. Very emotionally moving.

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