The Gay Wealth Myth


Ever get the feeling you don’t make enough money to be gay? blogger C. Wade Dupry does. (Or at least he did before he got a bit older and a lot wiser.)

I earn a decent income, yes — but the common perception of gay men is they’re rolling in disposable cash: spending thousands on designer threads, showing off fabulous homes in luxe interior-decor magazines, and toting their Louis Vuitton luggage onto first-class flights to Ibiza. Keeping up with these gay Joneses is no easy feat. But heaven knows I tried! … I got suckered by the rich-gay-male ideal, and during my twenties, I went into serious debt in order to live larger than I could afford — as large as I thought being gay required.

Having since changed his ways after seeing “the ridiculousness of going into debt for Prada sunglasses and $120 haircuts,” Wade believes there’s some hope for the future: “I’m worried for myself and my loved ones as our national financial picture gets bleaker. But perhaps this jolt of reality will change our culture and our self-perceptions in a positive way.”

What do you think? Are you too poor to be gay?