The Gay World’s Answer To Maya Angelou Creates Epic Poem Using Nothing But Grindr Taglines

Look out Anne Sexton! Watch your back, Kahlil Gibran! There’s a new poet in town and he’s dropping truth bombs courtesy of Grindr. Queerty reader Rohin Guha sent us this clip of himself reading “Island of Doomed Men,” a poem he created using only taglines from the hook-up app. “‘Found art’ is what I think it’s called,” he says.

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  • plazaboy

    Brilliant. There’s something about a man with Grindr on his phone that automatically distrust him. You’re obviously single and desperate, a whore, or not really being faithful to your s.o. at home.

  • plazaboy

    Oops …… enter “makes me”……..

  • Aric

    @plazaboy: Finally, someone else said it so I don’t have to.

  • Stephen

    @plazaboy, well said. What happened to just being a normal whore at a bar like the rest of us?!

  • Stupid

    OK, but someone may need to familiarize himself with the term “epic poem.”

  • Mike

    I thought Maya Angelou was the gay world’s answer to Maya Angelou.

  • Charlie in Charge

    Finding love on Grindr is quite possible. You just have to kiss about as many frogs as you do anywhere else.

    Love the video, some people just don’t know about personal brand communication but it’s good fodder for poetry.

  • Oh, ok.

    @Mike: I thought Maya Angelou was a black woman speaking on her experiences as a black woman.

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