The Gayest Gay Wedding of All

Elton and Diana

If only Elton John and David Furnish had just waited a few months they could’ve been married in what possibly might be the gayest wedding venue on Earth: Princess Diana’s old digs.

Althrop House, where the late wife of Prince Charles was brought up, can be rented out for £50,000 as a luxury wedding venue for gay and straight couples.

Couples will be able to pose for photographs outside of “Diana’s Temple”, the summer house beside the grave of the late Princess.

Gay couples will be able to consummate their marriage in the bedroom once shared by the Princess and her former husband, Prince Charles.

Sure the price is steep but come on, there is no price too high to knock boots in the same bed that Diana and Charles, well, probably did nothing at all in. Still, it worth it to hold your ceremony there – how often do you get married and piss off the Queen at the same time?

Princess Diana’s home opened for gay weddings [Pink News UK]

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