The Gayest Neighborhoods In America—And How To Afford Them

Since we tend to live in cities, the cost of living for gays and lesbians is usually a lot higher on average than it is for straight folks. But a new report has dug up ten affordable alternatives to tried-and-true gayborhoods—at least for gay couples.

The real-estate website Trulia crunched the numbers by identifying zip codes with high-concentrations of gay and lesbian couples (they got their numbers by tweaking some Census Bureau statistics on same-sex households) and examining the average price-per-foot of real estate in that area.

As it turns out, if you’re willing to chose a less-epic but still vibrant gay community, you can get a pretty good bang for your buck.

In San Francisco, for example, if you want to live in the Castro, you’re gonna shell out about $670 a square foot. But a similar place in Brisbane, which also has a healthy queer population, is just $311 per square foot.

In New York, the median price for a home in Chelsea has topped $1,200 per square foot or more than $1.2 million for a two-bedroom apartment. (And Chelsea’s on it’s way out as the gayborhood of choice.)  But a PATH ride away in Jersey City, you could pay just $450,000 for a comparable place.

Honey, where are the real-estate ads?

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Click through for Trulia’s list of the ten gayest neighborhoods in America, including the average price per square foot of real estate there, and in an affordable, gay-friendly alternative.