The Gays Get Their Own Memoir Scandal

Tim Barrus

Alternative city paper LA Weekly broke the very timely story that lauded Native American writer Nasdijj isn’t exactly who he says he is. His Kleenex-happy memoirs are thought to be as wrenching as James Frey’s. Well, turn s out these two writers (we use the term very loosely), have a lot in common. Nasdijj ‘s “memoirs” have been written by a white, gay erotica literature queen named Timothy Barrus.

During the 70’s and 80’s, Barrus lived the fabulous gay life in Key West and even had a long-term artist boyfriend. As an erotica writer he churned out such ingeniously titled books as The Mineshaft and My Brother, My Lover.

Why go through this charade? We’re not lit authoritarians, but we suspect it might have something to do with his inability to make the jump from word porn to the “straight” world of writing while using his real name. Still, the transition seemed to work well for Simon Rex.

Though he’s fessed up about being Nasdijj, Barrus is currently married (to a chick) and denies he is gay. Call us jaded, but we have a tough time believing anything that comes out of this guy’s mouth.

[LA Weekly]

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