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The Gays Have Ditched The W Hotel

Look at any gay pride parade or fag rag and you’ll see the singular white-on-purple “W,” telling homosexuals that hey, this is the hotel chain for you. Until it isn’t: The gays just ousted W as their favorite hotel. Who took its spot?

Kimpton is now the favorite place to rest heads among gay travelers, according to Community Marketing’s fourteenth annual travel survey, which asked 4,700 respondents to name their favorite hotels unprompted. Kimpton won 13 percent of the vote; W (a Starwood hotel brand) took 12 percent; and trailing were Hilton with 9, Hyatt with 7, and Marriott with 7.

So how did Kimpton pull ahead? “Of all the hotel brands, [they are] the most active in LGBT community,” says Community Marketing’s David Paisley. “They have a website, they sponsor tons of events and they advertise in gay and lesbian media. W is very active and well respected, but they did fall behind.”

Sometimes I forget the only thing it takes to curry favor with us is spending money to make us feel included.

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