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The Gays Have No Right to Out Bigots!

You would have thought Washington’s Referendum 71 was about gay rights. But more importantly, it’s about the First Amendment! As in, the right to spread lies on television. Oh, and the right to protect the privacy of hatred funders.

As doctoral candidate Stephen Colbert notes, anti-gay folks didn’t have a choice in their hatred. They were born this way. So how can we take away their fundamental right to anonymously infringe upon the civil liberties of others?

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  • Cam

    I just LOVE that the bigots lament these days is that telling them they can’t be bigoted is….bigoted. LOL!

  • Keith Kimmel

    lol, what a farce.

    So they were born to hate gays, but the gays choose to be gay. Whats next? Black people choose to be black and people were born to join the Klan?

    This stuff would be funny as all hell if it wasnt so damn sad and if real people weren’t getting hurt.

  • Frank

    So… why is it that in your linked Queerty post, neither your editors nor the esteemed Queerty peanut gallery were able to refute the false assertions of the ad that Colbert handily dispensed of in the above clip? Lazy blog! You can’t rely on Steven Colbert to do all the work for you all time.

  • Washingtion Guy

    I really liked that episode it handily put the add and the whole mess of the situation in place, it did in a way that no reasonable person could walk away from still think that Protect Marriage Washington was not being hypocritical and trying to lie its way out of complying with the laws of the state of WA.

    I am not surprised that this blog did not do much with the issue facing gay people in washington threw the process of the campaign to get people to approve R 71 the majority of their coverage has had a sub-till hatred for the way the gay community in Washington has been running its camping and a hatred for the fact that the people of washington would not ignore what works hear to rush to every whim of the editors of this site, Then again its not surprising since they have done the same with their coverage of Mains question 1. It comes across as if they think it is some how the gay communities in these states fault that their rights are being put up to vote.

  • SoylentDiva

    LOL. Colbert rules.

  • eagledancer

    Why is queerty referring to Dr. Colbert as a “doctoral candidate?” He was awarded an honorary Ph.D. Don’t Queerty staff watch his show? :D

  • sal(the original)

    love it!!!!!!!!hmm i guess jc penny got some tacky stuff?

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