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The Gays In Congress Insist ENDA Will Be Voted On This Month. Can We Believe Them?

Both Rep. Barney Frank and Tammy Baldwin, two-thirds of the House’s gay contingent, say they will be getting the Employment Non-Discrimination Act in front of lawmakers this month for an actual, real-life, not-pretend vote. Both legislators even say House Speaker Nancy Pelosi promised them the bill, after it moves through the House Education and Labor Committee, would head quickly to the floor for a full vote.

The news has National Center for Transgender Equality executive director Mara Keisling “extremely optimistic,” though we’ve been careful to note that even a wink from the Hill gets Gay Inc. excited. So what could engender (see what we did there?) any final hold-ups? Just those little language tweaks that always get legislation held up, like how to phrase “let transgender employees use whatever damn bathroom they want to.” And no, don’t think lawmakers are going to sneak in a some sort of DADT repeal via ENDA; the bill won’t cover military service members.

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  • W.

    What are the prospects for passage in the Senate? And where is our so-called “fierce advocate” on this? Shouldn’t someone who calls his advocacy “fierce” at least be out there doing some actual ADVOCATING? God knows, Obama can’t even say the word “marriage equality” much less advocate for it. Looks to be the same with almost all LGBT issues.

    PATHETIC as usual.

  • W.

    I also can’t help but notice that now they only pledge to “Vote” on ENDA. I guess those promises about passing and enacting ENDA no longer cut the mustard?

    PATHETIC and Spineless.

  • romeo

    In any case, ENDA is the bottom line for me. By far the most important piece of LGBT legislation in terms of the numbers of us that will be effected, and our lives enhanced. Marriage equality and DADT are very important, but ENDA will be the cornerstone of our future.

    This will be a big fight because, as we all know, there are some who do not want us officially seen as actual human beings deserving of fair treatment in matters of employment.

  • AlwaysGay

    Call and email your Congressman and urge them to vote yes on ENDA. I did.

  • missanthrope

    ENDA is by far the most important LGBT legislation in my book. Too bad it’s not coming up for a vote, because they’ve promised it before and it’s fallen through. They can’t even do anything that polls well like DADT, Dems and Gay Inc. are both fail.

  • AndrewW

    Passage of ENDA is impossible in the US Senate. Pelosi promised House members no “controversial legislation unless the Senate moved first.” They are not moving at all.

    Making phone calls or sending emails or giving HRC money to “lobby” politicians is a complete waste. Anti-gay US Senators are only moved by polling data from their States. We have NEVER changed a politicians mind about LGBT-issues in the US Congress. Not a single time.

    We can’t win until we either change politicians (elections) or change minds (enrolling fellow citizens). We don’t do anything about that reality. Instead we make believe that politics will save us. We’ve been hopefully-delusional for more than 40 years.

    Sooner or later we’ll have to let go of the false hope of a political solution and figure out how to actually create our equality.

    John Aravosis (self-described “political expert”) was honest and even accurate when he said “lobbying is political masturbation” and “it is totally ineffective.”

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