The Gays Kicked Out of the Military? They Still Want to Serve Now More Than Ever


It’s not that gay people in the military want to serve their county any more than straight folks. It’s that they want to serve just as badly. Whatever it is that drives a person to make so many personal sacrifices to defend our nation, one thing is certain: It can hook us as much as anyone else. Which explains why U.S. Army First Lieutenant Dan Choi — despite being kicked out of the military for being gay, and despite his own commander-in-chief turning his back on himsays, “All I know is that when they do get their act together and get this all corrected, I’ll be in line at the recruiting station. I’ll be right there.” It also explains why Second Lt. Sandy Tsao, who’s also being kicked out even after receiving a personal letter from Obama, remains committed to serving.

Though she’s going to take a breather from media attention, Tsao says, “I have strong feelings to contribute to society by being a part of a profession that will welcome my services without hindering my ability to love someone openly.”

She’ll be officially discharged on Tuesday.