The Gays Love Super-Fantastic Women

• Look how much these women are making from commercials! Brad Pitt is in there too, but he’s prettier than any of the women on the list so he counts. Of note: Jessica Simpson makes $7.5 Million from Guthy-Renker. What is she selling now?…ProActiv? Pilates? Her soul? No wonder Nick Lachey wants alimony. We’d drain her for every penny too. [Jossip]

Julia Roberts starring in Three Days Of Rain on Broadway. Movie stars hitting Broadway is cool as hell. Her performance? Eh. [H’Wood Reporter]

Eva Longoria in The Sentinel, opening near you somewhere. TV stars hitting the big screen is…no big deal. Although honestly, while she has the best-written character on Housewives, her acting is about as engrossing as Julia Roberts on Broadway. [AP]

• Correction: Madonna isn’t planning a crucifix disco ball in her concert; it’s normal, but she rides it onto the stage. OH THANK GOD WE KNOW THAT NOW. [VirtualMatter]