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The Gays Were Kicked Out of Chico’s Tacos For Acting Like ‘Ballerinas’


It’s not that Chico’s Tacos in El Paso is homophobic. It’s just that they don’t tolerate “misbehaving” customers of any sexuality.

After kicking out (and calling police on) two men who smooched after ordering food, Chico’s now says staff asked them to leave because they were rowdy. Restaurant owner Bernie Mora: “Basically, they were just misbehaving. … This is just a whole lot to do with this one guy blowing it all out.”

Carlos Diaz de Leon was among the five gay men involved, and claims security called them “jotos” (that would be Spanish slang for “faggot”) before kicking them out. The security firm, All American International Security, insists the men caused a disturbance; one of the men was “dancing around in the aisle like a ballerina.”

And then there’s still the matter of the police backing up the restaurant, claiming two men kissing in public is, uh, illegal.