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  • alan brickman

    Awesome!!! BUT YOU COULD ALL HIT A GYM!! Bring back morning goods!!

  • ewe

    HRC is not exactly the Phelps Westboro Clan. This is kinda dumb.

  • Dan

    More than fifty? Really? Check the photo, I count no more than 10.

  • Jorge

    This is dumb, we’re all on the same team. And half of those people don’t even look old enough to have be around when Milk was. It just seems like people trying to latch onto something for the sake of latching.

  • jacknasty

    I just don’t get why anybody cares, to be honest. If a legacy is threatened by another organization working in the same space than the legacy wasn’t very strong to begin with. Harvey Milk’s legacy is strong and will be remembered. There are many worse groups that could have taken over that space. It is not as if it is becoming the new Focus on the Family headquarters or anything.

  • Jerry Pritikin

    I am a fan of Mike Petrelis, but in this case he and the protesters are wrong! I lived in the Castro before Harvey opened his store, and like Harvey was involved in the early gay rights movement. I was a photographer, and my image of Harvey on 6/7/77 via the Associated Press introduced Harvey nationally, 5 months before he was elected… as the key spokesperson fighting against Anita Bryant.

    What most people are not aware of is that Harvey Milk was forced out of the 575 Castro Location, in December of 1977, by his gay landlord Paul Langley, when he raised Harvey’s rent nearly a thousand bucks a month.Harvey then relocated on Market Street near Castro. That same landlord raised the rent of the Elephant Walk Bar, at 18th & Castro from $6,000 to 12,000. a month in the late 1980’s. Then Langley had the Chutzpah to rename it Harvey’s! He asked me to sell him some of my iconic images, and memorabilia for the bar. I turned him down… because I knew his history in the Castro.

    Almost 2 months ago, the HRC asked me for my permission to reproduce my Milk image, as a mural of the back wall at their new location at 575 Castro. I told their representative that I have had problems with some of the HRC agendas… and was negotiating with them when the protest began. The HRC was going to pay the Harvey B Milk Foundation a fee, for any of their products that bared Harvey’s portrait, however I would not have agreed that my Milk images be used on T-shirts or tote bags. However, I am sadden, that my Milk Mural is now off, because of the protest lead by Cleve Jones and others. Cleve is getting ready to run for office, and moved back to San Francisco for the resident requirements. I thought that my Milk mural would of been a great inspiring image for the HRC store. As for the protesters… I still believe they were wrong… and even if it’s 20 years to late, they should of protested in front of that bar called Harvey’s… Their owner deserves it!

  • justinC

    HRC was the group that brokered the DADT “compromise repeal of DADT” back in February. Nobody wants to admit that, but they did.

  • Derek

    I appreciate Jerry Pritikin’s informative insight in comment no. 6.

    I think these protesters could find a much better outlet for their time.

    I don’t understand the animosity toward the HRC. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you don’t like it, don’t donate to it. But, they have definitely done some good.

    To use a poor cliche, we may all be in different pews, but I think most of us are in the same church. We could use a little “live and let live” in the gay movement.

    I would be interested to know the identities of these protesters and what they have done for the gay rights movement that is constructive.

  • whatever

    Comes across as internal bitchfighting with no real purpose.

  • L.J.

    @whatever: Exactly.

  • edgyguy1426

    @alan brickman: You can’t find any good porn on the internet?

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