The Gayssip: Britney On Her Mens

Britney Spears

Britney Spears‘ manny Perry Taylor has been nominated for a U.S. Veterans Award. Not for saving Sean Preston from falling to the cement ground, but for taking his naval training and applying it to something worthwhile. Like guarding America’s former sweetheart. [Business Wire]

• More on Britney: She’s lauding husband Kevin Federline for finally finding a job. Given that he doesn’t have a record deal yet (just an album), he’s signed on to become the face of clothing label Blue Marlin. [Page Six]

• Oh, so you saw a blubbering Britney Spears on Dateline last night, too? If not, the clip reel is already here. [The Malcontent]

• Take two of our favorite people and put them together in front of the camera — that’s all it takes to make us simple folks happy. You too? Then you’ll be pleased to hear Anderson Cooper has snagged the first U.S. interview with Angelina Jolie. [Jossip]

• Backstage with Rufus Wainwright means plenty of plastic surgery, over-tweezed eyebrows, and hotties in Rufus tees. Oh, the main act was there, too. [Timmy Ray]