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The ‘Get Straights Involved In Gay Rights’ Project That’s Keeping Davey Wavey Busy

Frinedfactor, a web project started by Stanford alums Brian Elliot (who quit his job in 2009 to run it full time) and Patty Buckley (a Google vet), wants to get breeders involved in the LGBT rights fight. How? By swapping out “gay people” with actual names. Because your iPod Nano isn’t the only thing that needs personalization. Oh, and guess who’s helping run the place?

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So goes the logic: “1. Gays have straight friends. / 2. Straights have gay friends. / 3. Friends help friends. Also, 1 + 2 = 3.” They’ve raised $500k so far and continue to recruit careers to launch their own “personal campaigns for equality.”

Oh, and guess who’s the project’s community manager? A one David Jacques, who you know better as the long distance relationship expert and YouTube favor payer Davey Wavey, and, it seems, has purposefully avoided plugging Friendfactor in his videos.