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The Giant Failure of America’s First Legal Male Prostitute

So much for legal male prostitution taking off: The first legal prostidude Markus just left his job at Nevada’s Shady Lady Ranch to resume his career in porn. Reason for leaving? Not enough clients.

He had just 10 paying customers (including a New York Post reporter) and, at a rate of $300 an hour, that equals just $3,000 for ten 1-hour session. But let’s give him the benefit of the doubt, and say each session was two hours long. That’s still just $6,000 in fees since he began his job in January, and that doesn’t account for how much Shady Lady Ranch takes as a cut, or what he pays in taxes.

Prostitution is a business, yo. But at least one other guy is staking his claim: Markus’ replacement is a gent named “Y. Not.” Ahem. But maybe unlike Markus, Mr. Not will be open to sexin’ dudes?

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  • anonymous #4

    What a shame Queerty did not post a pic of his replacement. I never thought this guy was hot nor worthy of being paid for his services. But a fool and his money……you all know the rest.

  • REBELComx

    Yeah he wasn’t at all attractive, guess that’s why he’s in straight porn. Face it, Women are not all that keen on rent boys. If you’re gonna be a male escort, you’ve gotta be down with the guys.
    On another note…
    Does anyone else get the Paid Distribution thing for “What Dora [the Explorer]’s doing for here 10th Birthday” in the You Might Like section?
    Coupled with this article, that’s almost too funny for words.

  • jj

    You know, I don’t understand why everyone rags on this guys looks. I’ve seen uglier lady hookers and they get hired. Look at the skank Spitzer paid. Or, for that matter, any of the women who work in these Nevada trailers, ugh. The bottom line here, women don’t pay for sex. Period. Straights have been attempting to convince the world that women pay for sex with men in the same manner that hetero men pay for sex with women. It doesn’t (and needn’t) happen. I would be willing to bet good money that the 10 “clients” this guy had didn’t really exist. Maybe the NY Post reporter. Maybe. The hag that runs this disease festival was lying to save what’s left of her face. If anyone hired this dude, it was some closeted married guy to fuck his wife while he watched. That happens with hetero male escorts all the time. It’s about the humiliation of the wife by the husband. Very common. Oh, and by the way, I would totally hire this guy to fuck me…

  • Michael

    I think the guy is kinda hot, he reminds me of Steve-O. However, yeah um duh, any guy who wants to make money charging tricks needs to realize 99% of his business is going to be old men.

  • terrwill

    In the NY Post story he was somewhat doable as opposed to the initial pics on Queerts. To ponder why horny straight vagina totin types wouldn’t pay for cock on a site for the Gays seems kinda futile………Markus swears he never went Gay for pay, and I have no idea of the current rate of cock for rent….The Post reporter said he has a huge cock, so maybe he may want to reconsider. If they pay by the pound, he may do well…. : p

  • Lanjier

    How about gay at the Shady Lady Ranch? Get a hot guy, any they will come.

  • B

    No. 6 · Lanjier wrote, “How about gay at the Shady Lady Ranch?” … did you look at the picture of the building? All the “interior decorator” types would throw up at the sight of it. It looks like it belongs in a trailer park.

  • delurker again

    Straight women don’t need to go see male prostitutes. Straight men will fuck anything. How many times have you been to Walmart and seen morbidly obese, balding hunchback women with a whole bunch of kids? If women like these can get laid, anyone can.

  • B

    No. 8 · delurker again wrote, “How many times have you been to Walmart and seen morbidly obese, balding hunchback women with a whole bunch of kids? If women like these can get laid, anyone can.”

    Bet if you saw their hubbies, you’d see a bunch who were obviously not honed at the local gym, and who were obviously drinking a lot of beer. Enough alcohol, and it is no wonder they don’t care about what their women look like!

  • jeffree

    Mister Hooker was not a proffessional. he had had sex with LESS then 8 women by the time he was hired to sex it up with the ladies. Poor guy was a amateur, a newbie, not a slambanging stud.

    He couldnt hit the Gee Spot with a GPS device, a two way radio , a flashlight & a map !!

  • jason

    Male prostitutes fail for two main reasons:

    a) Women generally don’t pay men for sex. It’s usually the other way round. Women are sellers, not buyers.

    b) Gay men rarely visit male prostitutes. Gay men can get all the sex they want for a very small fee – or no fee at all – in sex clubs and parks. They’re not going to pay 300 dollars for a puny half hour with a male prostitute.

  • Meowzer

    If he was “bi” he may have stood a chance. Girls looking for their guys to try a threesome. Her and 2 guys. Even if Markus didn’t do anything with the guy, the girl could get her big “O” just working with two dudes.
    Who knows… Markus may have learned to “tolerate” guys for the bucks of getting more girls. Hell, opening his options for a hand job or blow job from a “straight” guy could have brought in more bucks. After all, he still wouldn’t be “gay”.
    I still think he was hot though.

  • Jason

    He has squishyface.

    BTW, Steve-o was not hot.

  • soul_erosion

    @No.13Meowzer:”I still think he was hot though.”

    Say, Meowzer, have you seen that television commercial where the lady is saying, “here kitty kitty” and it turns out to be a raccoon? Me thinks you should call Sears Optical & make an appointment.

  • romeo

    Women will pay men for sex. I know of it going on here in LA and NY all the time. But they tend to be wealthier women with money to throw around who are going to want a better and more sophisticated environment than a no account trailer out in the Bumfuck Nevada desert. LOL

  • meowza

    how ugly. i would pay him just to get out of my line of sight.

  • Lizcivious

    When the day arrives when young men are no longer attracted to me, I sure hope male prostitution is readily available, and I hope I can afford it. Because it’s been a cultural no-no for so long, just like older-women and younger-men relationships were, the idea of female clients hiring male hookers is going to take women awhile to get comfortable with. You know there are plenty of married women with balding, pot-bellied spouses or lonely, single women who for some reason cannot succeed with men who would certainly pay for sex if it weren’t such a taboo. I’m sorry this Markus dude was such a failure. Perhaps if he didn’t look like a young Oscar Levant (look him up if you haven’t heard of him), or if he at least had Oscar Levant’s intelligence and wit, he could have been more successful. I’d have to put a bag over the poor guy’s head to be able to work up any enthusiasm. Hate to say that, but if I’m paying for it, I want good quality. Meanwhile, I’m pulling for Heidi Fleiss to open up that Stud Ranch so my future will be secure.

  • lolgay

    So… does anyone know what his porn name is? Or where I can find his videos? <_____________<

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