false starts

The Giant Failure of America’s First Legal Male Prostitute

So much for legal male prostitution taking off: The first legal prostidude Markus just left his job at Nevada’s Shady Lady Ranch to resume his career in porn. Reason for leaving? Not enough clients.

He had just 10 paying customers (including a New York Post reporter) and, at a rate of $300 an hour, that equals just $3,000 for ten 1-hour session. But let’s give him the benefit of the doubt, and say each session was two hours long. That’s still just $6,000 in fees since he began his job in January, and that doesn’t account for how much Shady Lady Ranch takes as a cut, or what he pays in taxes.

Prostitution is a business, yo. But at least one other guy is staking his claim: Markus’ replacement is a gent named “Y. Not.” Ahem. But maybe unlike Markus, Mr. Not will be open to sexin’ dudes?