The Go-Go’s Jane Wiedlin Officiated A Gay Wedding


This weekend, Philadelphia-based writers Neil McGarry and Daniel Ravipinto got married. The bad news: they had to get married in Delaware, because pigs like Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett refuse to legalize same-sex marriage in the state.  The good (amazing) news: Go-Go’s guitarist Jane Wiedlin officiated the ceremony.

McGarry and Ravipinto do not seem to have any special connection to the rocker. But as it turns out, marrying people is something of a side hustle for Wiedlin, who’s also an ordained minister. She has a website called, where you can pick from three packages Wiedlin — a.k.a. Reverend Sister Go-Go — offers to betrothed couples of “all creeds, genders & persuasions.”

For $1,500, Wiedlin will call you on the phone, travel to any location to perform the ceremony, and sign autographs/take pictures with you and your spouse. For $2,500, she’ll do all that, plus attend the reception and take pictures/sign autographs for your guests. And for $4,000 — the Double Platinum package — you get everything already mentioned, plus Wiedlin will sing four songs and/or DJ your reception. Each package fee excludes Wiedlin’s travel, accommodation and food expenses, which you also are required to pay.

McGarry and Ravipinto appear to have gone with the Double Platinum package, if the pictures of Weidlin all over McGarry’s Facebook page are any indication. According to Philly mag, Wiedlin sang “Our Lips Are Sealed,” “Vacation,” and “a great cover of the Beach Boys’ song, ‘God Only Knows.’”

In addition to her continuing role as the Go-Go’s guitarist, Wiedlin has acted in several films, including the camp classic Clue, in which she played a singing telegram performer who gets shot. But the acting and music gigs have slowed in the last few years for Wiedlin, and frankly, we are living for her second act as a gay marriage minister. Who better to travel the country marrying gays (and straights, but come on, 99% of her business has to come from gays) than a Go-Go with a pixie cut?

Photo: Facebook

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