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    he is SO unattractive

  • Woof

    JJ to bash Ellen for not donating in 3….2….1….

  • Alexa

    That’s right, men-sar, because it’s so much more important to be attractive than to give $50,000 to fight for our rights. And to think, he could have spent the money on plastic surgery to meet your aesthetic expectations instead. What WAS he thinking?

  • JJ

    I’m just waking up here in sunny California, but has anyone noticed which Hollywood tightwad with her own daily TV show, oodles of cash, tears for puppies, and a spouse–courtesy of California’s current law, has not donated a dime.

    Her name is Ellen DeGeneres.

    I’m very disappointed in her.

    Don’t believe me? Check out yesterday’s Towleroad post on the subject.

  • Gianpiero

    Excellent news. Thanks, T.R.!

  • JJ

    I think Ellen DeGeneres is just stubborn. She did not relent on the writer’s strike, and now she’s giving the finger to an enormously important cause. Yet the dog lady shook her to her foundation and brought her to tears on air.

    Preaching “love your neighbor” on Jay Leno is not enough. Funding is needed for the relentless tv advertising required to get through to voters. And guess who’s got the cash in abundance? Not T.R. Knight.

    I just can no longer be Ellen DeGeneres’ fan, and I used to enjoy her comedy very much. She is a great disappointment.

  • LappyDappy

    Maybe Ellen donated lots of money anonymously.

  • JJ

    I hear Dick Cheney and his wife have made an anonymous donation, but that’s easy to understand. The daughter, who’s on the Republican party payroll to the tune of $100K + annually thinks its a private matter.

    People don’t want to accept that Ellen DeGeneres has let down the community on this one, and its a very important one. I think she actually has her staff monitor the blogs to seed them with positive comments.

    I haven’t wanted to utter this thought before, but I’m getting a real Log Cabin Republican vibe off Ellen.

    26 days left and still nothing from Ellen Degeneres.

  • Rosie

    I think you’ll find it was all of Fall Out Boy, not just Pete, who donated.

  • tracy johnson

    Ellen doesnt do anything anonymously. If she finally does give, she’ll probably spend twice that on p.r. “tonight on Extra!…”

  • JJ

    I was feeling like such a solo voice till Tracy came along…

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