The GOP Congressman In The Steamy Aaron Schock FanFic Seems To Follow It Pretty Closely

398px-Adam_Kinzinger,_Official_Portrait,_112th_CongressAmong the more unusual political phenomenon to emerge in the past few months has been the popularity of fanfiction featuring Rep. Aaron Schock (R.-Gay Wardrobe) and Rep. Paul Ryan (R.-Ayn Rand). While the encounters between the two make up the bulk of the writing enterprise, Rep. Adam Kinzinger, like Schock an Illinois Republican, also plays a large (ahem) part in the narrative. Kinzinger was a one-time lover of Schock, who fondly recalls (in the fiction, of course) “Never a dull moment with Adam in the bedroom.”

Guess who likes to read all about it? Apparently, the real life Rep. Kinzinger.

In what is plainly his personal Twitter account, Kinzinger follows @PaulRyanXXX, the account for the fanfiction. (Displaying proper social media etiquette, @PaulRyanXXX thanked Kinzinger for the follow.) This is the same Twitter account that Kinzinger uses to follow other members of Congress, reporters, family members and a priest.

Schock has described Kinzinger as “a closer personal friend of mine who’s an active duty member of Congress [in the district] next door to me.” Now, it could be that Kinzinger, whom Schock endorsed over a more senior incumbent when two districts were merged into one in 2012, just has a good sense of humor. He might find the whole fanfiction thing amusing, particularly his role in it. The reasons for following the account could be cause for endless speculation.

But you have to be pretty oblivious to the world of social media to make yourself one of @PaulRyanXXX’s handful of followers. That’s especially true if you are an elected official whose fictional double has a major role in what the fanfic’s authors like to describe as “smut” and whose fictional lover is widely rumored to like men. Why would you need to make that particular account one of the 69 you follow? Presumably you guess no one will notice.

Except they just did.