The GOP’s 11th Hour Attack on Federal Judge Hopeful Goodwin Liu, Who Just Happens to Support Gay Marriage

Goodwin Liu, a UC Berkeley law professor, is set to go before the Senate today to be confirmed as a federal appeal court judge. Though he’s never served on the bench before, the American Bar Association has called him tops. And yet, just as he’s about to take questions from elected officials? Which was already delayed once by Republican stalling tactics? Republicans are launching into another attack mode, saying he failed to list events he’s attended in the past on his disclosure documents. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the Democrat from California, isn’t too pleased about the 11th hour assault, calling out his GOP attack dogs, including Alabama’s Sen. Jeff Sessions (who, in a semi-related note, said he’s keep an open mind about a gay Supreme Court nominee), for their special brand of hypocrisy; John Roberts, the GOP pick for Supreme Court chief justice, waited until a week before his 2005 confirmation to submit 50,000 pages of his own records. This doesn’t have anything to do with Liu supporting gay marriage and abortion rights, does it?

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