the price of fame

The Gossip About Jessica Simpson Wanting a Kid With Her Best Gay Ken Paves? An Obvious Publicity Stab

How to generate interest in her new VH1 skin-care-tips-from-around-the-world series The Price of Beauty, which debuted last night? Jessica Simpson found a way: Plant a story about how, if her love life doesn’t work out, she and gay BFF hairstylist Ken Paves are going to have a baby together.

Clearly jealous that her equally untalented sister Ashley Simpson-Wentz already made Papa Joe a grandfather, Simpson has her own family planning plans.

But this is not a story based in reality. It is a story based in tabloid culture. Simpson, who used to be a celeb weekly cover story favorite, knows how to generate press, and this is just the soundbite to do it. We’ve got no idea if Paves, who we hear is likable enough, wants to be a dad, but we do know he wants to be famous and enjoy the spoils of his star clients’ fame, so of course he’ll play along. That he’s also featured on The Price of Beauty is just more incentive.