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  • AlanInSLC

    I really hope the media will leave the kids alone…at least for a few years.

  • 7SK

    @AlanInSLC: Their stories should be heard, but not right now. Completely agree with you.

    They’re cute kids. Paris looks like Debbie Rowe a bit. And I might be crazy, but the Prince Michaels look a bit like MJ to me…

    Also, Prince Michael I was chewing gum throughout the entire ceremony. I don’t know, I thought it was a little disrespectful, though it could’ve been a nervous thing.

  • Dabq

    @7SK: Totally adorable kids and the little one does look like MJ, and, that little girl made my eyes tear up when she spoke, it really put the emphasis on the lives of those kids, who I hope will be left alone by the media and find a loving home.

    As for the gum chewing that has to be one of the most tacky public acts around and Singapore is right in how they deal with it, although with kids i cut them some slack, that and the fact that so many seem to need to have on black shades inside.

  • mojojojo

    So who are the real parents of these kids?

  • seattle mike

    If those kids have a drop of African blood, I’m Mary Tyler Moore.

  • dlpca

    @seattle mike: African blood?

  • JJ

    MJ did a great job hiding them from public. And we thought the masks were strange. I guess it worked until now. Beautiful children.

  • chapeau

    Just keep Joe Jackson away from them all !

  • bobito

    @chapeau: Fuckin’ A! Damn!

  • Marius

    I think Michael’s will pretty much got rid of Joe.

    The kids look remarkably composed in front of thousands of people. That’s pretty impressive.

    I wish them the best and hope that no ugly custody battles erupt.

  • Sandogg

    @7SK: I’ve seen other video footage of the kids, and Prince Michael I seems to always be chewing gum. I’m not a psychologist, but that kind of seems to indicate some kind of a nervous tick.

  • Cat Man

    @seattle mike: Well sweetie, I guess your are Mary Tyler Moores ignorant twin sister at least. I am soooo sick and tired stupid fucktards such as yourself who make statements like this. Have you ever met a bi-racial person before? It’s not always obvious that they are in fact the combination of 2 or more races and sometimes heavily favor one more than the other. Did you pay any attention in biology class in the 8th grade? Or better yet did you even get past the 8th grade?

    Kids don’t always inheret obvious traits from one parent or another. It doesnt mean that they are not the biological parent. My daughter and I are living proof of this. I am a dark skin black man with a bi-racial little girl that is light skinned, has blondish brown bone straight hair with light hazel eyes, and simnply doesnt even look bi-racial accroding to some others but TRUST I know for a fact I am her biological dad, the DNA test confirmed it. I am used to the double looks we get in public for obvious reasons but to read such ignorant comments really chaps my ass.

    I cant say if these kids ARE or ARE NOT Michaels biologically (I wasnt present during the conception process). But who cares? If Michael were biologically a white person, we wouldnt even be having this conversation…further proof of your deep seeded bi-racial ignorance.

    Funny thing is, I have two 100% white friends who didnt learn until they were adults that the father that they grew up with turned out not to be their biological dad after all. Nobody ever suspected anything different because guess what, everyone assumed because it was a white man, he must be the dad. Stop commenting on shit that you obviuosly know nothing about.

  • Puck

    @Cat Man: Right on. Besides they are Michaels kids, who raised them, who cared for them. Michael, they are his

  • christophe

    @Cat Man: Give us all a break and STOP PLAYING THE DAMN RACE CARD YOU IDIOT

  • james p. p.

    there is no race card being played. it’s just that those are the most not-black half-black black children we’ve ever seen.

  • Cat Man

    @christophe: LOL, me an idiot! I would take a serious look in the mirror before I started slinging the idiot word around if I were you. Most of this post has been about MJs kids and their race. Don’t blame me for bringing up the issue and don’t blame me for schooling ignorant fucks such as yourself about the issue, somebody has to. Go read a book you might learn a thing a two, such as what “playing the race card” really means.

  • Sandogg

    @christophe: Look in the mirror. There’s your idiot.

  • Cat Man

    @Sandogg: Thanks Sandogg :)

  • Brandon

    Come on people. There are plenty of other reasons why these kids might not be MJ’s other than the way the look. Its 2009 why do we still think black children have to look a certain why. Take a look @ this link:[email protected]/3697292544/

    Its a picture of a black actress/model named Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon w/ her son (who is a twin). He is blonde, blue-eyed, pale-skinned and whiter looking than any of MJs kids, as is his brother, and their mother is clearly black. Stop w/ the ignorance.

  • Cat Man

    @Brandon: AMEN!!!

  • anonyy...

    Oh please people get REEEEEEEEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @ # 12

    Those are not MJ’s biological children. Did you see how he looked befor the operations? If a man half black/white and a full white women had 10 kids, all 10 of those kids would come out more “ethnic” looking than MJ’ 3 kids. And MJ wasnt even half white. I know this because I know ALOT of multiracial black families. No WAY does a majority black man produce children with white skin, white features, and straight hair.

    @ # 19

    No way are those twins biologically related to Garcelle. Befor you start calling people ignorant, have you looke at the fact that she had the twins at 40 or 41. Theres a good chance its a donar egg through IVF.

    Theres nothing wrong with adoption, I support it 100%. But get real people. If any of you think these kids are biologically related to MJ or Garcelle, then I have got some comet insurance to sell you. Im also guessing some of you “believers” also dont have much experience with black multiracial families. Just by observation you would know this couldnt happen.

  • Wes

    @anonyy…: Actually, it’s more likely that Garcelle has some European ancestry that expressed itself with her twins. Genes are funny things.

  • Brandon


    Wow. Ur so desperate to peg black people as being on thing that ur accusing a black women of using a white woman’s eggs? How sad. There are so many more examples of this type of result when mixing black and white genes but Im sure it would be wasted on u. Funny how the kids are pretty much the same skin color as Latoya but I guess she’s not black either.

  • mikebuc

    Actually what is at issue with the genetic make-up of these children is that the possibility of these kids being parented by one black parent who themself is not a product of interracial parents and one white parent also not a product of interracial parents is highly unlikely. It is true that children of interracial parents can have all types of skin tone. From darker than the darkest skin parent, to lighter than the lightest skin parent. However, for a child to have not just light skin, but caucasion hair type and blue eyes and not a hint of african attributes is almost non-existent. And if by rare chance this did occur, it would never be the case with all three children. Common sense tells us these are not his biological children.

  • Mike

    @Cat Man:
    True, however, if you had two additional kids with your wife, the probability that the next two children would be as Caucasian-looking as your first kid (or as Michael Jackson’s first kid) would be very VERY LOW. In statistics, you could call that probability STATISTICALLY INSIGNIFICANT.

    All 3 of Michael Jackson’s children appear Caucasian.

  • Essus

    Nonsense – I have a red headed friend with bi-racial kids who both are red heads like their mom and look like the distaff side of the family with small features that resemble their father. I myself am a blonde haired blue eyes pasty hispanic man and my twin is dark brown haired, hazel eyed and olive skinned man. America is such a hodge podge of ethnicity that you cannot in good faith predict whose kids will look like what when dealing with people who have many different countries of origin for ancestors.

  • Mike


    Look how LaToya is hiding her face with that big floppy clown-sized hat. She is really Michael Jackson, who faked his own death to finally assume his alter ego–LaToya Jackson

    Hhehehe ;-)

  • dannyal

    erm… I guess Mark-Paul Gosselaar was adopted by his Asian mom then… because using some people’s logic here… HE COULDN’T POSSIBLY HAVE “ASIAN BLOOD” IN HIM!! (GASP) HE DOESN’T HAVE ANY ASIAN TRAIT AT ALL!!

    (note the sarcasm)

  • Jamie

    He raised them as his own, they called him Daddy, then they were his kids. Some pics I can see a resemblance but that’s besides the point.

    And I’ve never seen the word “African” used in such an ignorant manner before in all my life. Ridiculous. They just lost their dad and you’re making ethnic slurs about their possible parentage? May a house fall on your sister.

  • Konrad

    “Also, Prince Michael I was chewing gum throughout the entire ceremony. I don’t know, I thought it was a little disrespectful, though it could’ve been a nervous thing.”

    If I was chewing gum at a funeral, my momma would have slapped the side of my head with her purse.

  • RainaWeather

    @seattle mike: Africans come in many colors. I know kids that color who have 2 black parents. You should come to where I live, you’d be surprised.

  • Eric

    All you people complaining about Prince chewing gum, get over yourselves. It was there dad’s funeral. They can do whatever they hell they want.

  • Cat Man

    @anonyy…: OMG, are you a geneticist?

    And are you trying to tell me what my own freakin kid looks like? Again, we alone and many others have shattered your idea of what a bi-racial person “must” look like. Saying that all bi-racial kids will look a certain way is unadulterated stupidity. You might as well say that all Black people or Asian people look alike.

    This is almost comical with the intense certitude behind these statements about MJ kids racial identity and the appearance of bi or multi-racial kids.

    Black people are used to the fact that we (blacks) come in all different shades, tones and/or physical features. I think some whites are just bothered by the FACT that a black person can biologically produce a child with more European traits. GET OVER IT, we are all human and different genes show up at different times. You simply cannot predict how anyone is going to look solely based on what the parents look like, bi-racial or not. When we start making designer babies THEN and only then can you predict what child would look like.

  • Cooper

    If you look closely, the kids share the Jackson Nose, which all of the Jackson siblings have. But what’s interesting to know is if they all had plastic surgery to get the nose?

    And does anyone else feel bit sorry for Prince Michael II? He’s a 2nd after his brother, and his nickname is Blanket… That’s gotta create some sort of complex.

    And who cares if PMI was chewing gum? His dad died, I would do whatever I would to keep myself calm and composed!

  • anonyy...


    @ # 34 catman

    Genetics is not main field of study, but it is a side field which I have an interest. Have you forgot how MJ looked pre op… heres a pic to remind you.

    As far as im concerened, MJ is the father since he raised them. But biologically, think about it.

    African genes composed a significant part of his make up. Since you want to talk abou stupid, its stupid to suggest that is plausible for all 3 children of his to not recieve any of his traits, atleast facial and racial wise. This isnt about the kids looking more european than black as you try to frame it…this is about them looking ALL european. And did I mention, they dont even look like him.

    I usually dont argue with people online. And I dont care who someone want to call family or how they indentify themselves. But the reason im addressing this is becasue I have noticed a fixation on blacks produceing white children. And im not talking about mostly white, I mean all white. And I think this is a self destructive fixation on blacks peoples part.

    MJ had a white fantasy. Where he envisioned himself to be white. Statement talking such (paraphrasing) as we age we become lighter because we become purer. Hence the skin bleaching, the wigs, the cometic surgery, etc. But that wasnt enough. Him produceing white children would further validate the white fantasy in his mind. To say he slept with the mother and those kids were biological is to say he has the sperm of a european man. Makeing him not only white on the outside, but white on the inside…transformation complete.

    And I just dont see this with MJ, I also see this with some other black people (not many, but some). I agree, race is a social construct. There is not jus one set in stone way for a multiracial black person to look. But the idea of blacks produceing not mostly white, but all white children is outlandish. Its idea that is celebrated, and imo that is celebration is racist.

  • edgyguy1426

    Which Jackson nose are you talking about?

  • osocubano

    Wonder who the biological father is, and I don’t care which idiot calls me an idiot.

  • me

    in the bashir interview he claims that one of the parents of one of them is black. lol. he was a compulsive liar like a little spoiled brat. if he didn’t lie so much maybe it would have been easier to believe him about certain other things he claimed he didn’t do.

  • afrolito

    I have no idea whether those beautiful children are biologically his or not, but the ridiculous idea that they can’t possibly be his (just because they’re “white”….looking)is nonsense. Most people of african descent in the americas are mixed with some to significant amounts of european, and or indigenous blood. This anscestry manifests itself in the multitude of skin tones, features, and hair textures among blacks.

    My own family runs the gamut from lilly white to blue black, so the appearance of his kids isn’t as jarring to me, as it obviously is to racists uncomfortable with the idea of blacks looking too white.

    Time will tell whether Michael is the father or that weird dentist guy, but don’t deny the reality of science to bolster a ridiculous point.

  • me

    @40 this is not idle speculation. this is known fact. the kids are not genetically his.

  • Cat Man

    Ok dude…I will agree with you on one point, I don’t usually argue with folks online either so I’ll try to refrain from doing so now and be civil about this.

    Who said or even suggested that MJ has transformed into a “European man” genetically? I certainly didn’t and I haven’t read that suggestion on this post yet. And NO, I haven’t forgotten what MJ really looked like before the surgeries, vitiligo, etc. Anyone before 1980 remembers what he “genuinely” looks like. MJ may have had some fascination with being white, who knows. I can’t and you can’t confirm it either unless you tell me that you had conversation with him and he told you that. It’s all speculation and the furthering of the notion that MJ was some kind of a freak.

    The reason that I am even still debating this subject is because I too have a biological child that doesn’t necessarily look “white” but doesn’t look black or even bi-racial according to many and furthermore our society has a loooong history with a fixation on skin color and I thought most non-racist (which I assume you are) folk had moved past this but apparently not. The continued scrutiny of MJs kids (biological or not) racial make up is baffling.

    Again, are you some kind of scientist that can prove that NO black person can produce a white looking child when mixed with a white person? Not only can you not prove it, no scientist can either because it DOES HAPPEN. Remember, just because someone looks a certain way doesn’t mean that is all that they are. LOOKS CAN BE DECEIVNG!!!

    And another thing. After looking a little closer at these kids they aren’t as Aryan as some are making them out to be. They appear to be the exact same color as LaToya and only a shade or so lighter than Janet. Last time I checked both Janet and Latoya have 2 biological black parents. MJ’s daughter does have bluish eyes, she gets them from her bio mom, whats so hard to believe about that? Besides, many blacks have non-colored contact lense natural light colored eyes. Both of MJs boys have brown eyes. None of them have blond hair (contrary to the reports that they do). Those old pics of them with blond hair are clearly dye jobs. For me and many others, these kids could easily be bi-racial.

    I understand the interest in human genetics and how they work and surprise all of us from time to time but your insistence in pushing this false idea that blacks cannot produce kids that appear to be all white is just flat out RIDICULOUS and also means that you have ISSUES with facts and truths, just like your claim that MJ had fantasy issues with being white.

  • Cam

    @Cat Man: you said “@seattle mike: Well sweetie, I guess your are Mary Tyler Moores ignorant twin sister at least. I am soooo sick and tired stupid fucktards such as yourself who make statements like this. Have you ever met a bi-racial person before? It’s not always obvious that they are in fact the combination of 2 or more races and sometimes heavily favor one more than the other. Did you pay any attention in biology class in the 8th grade? Or better yet did you even get past the 8th grade?”

    you’re an idiot. have we ever met a bi-racial person before? Gee, yeah, and funny enough, every single bi-racial AA and White person I know doesn’t look like they are from Germany or Holland like those kids. Halle Barry is Bi-Racial and guess what, she doesn’t look like those kids. President Obama is Bi-Racial…nope doesn’t resemble those kids. Forget about what MJ looked like later, his actual skin tone was dark complected just like his brothers. Your refusal to see the obvious just makes you look foolish.

    As for those kis…Frankly I hope Dianna Ross gets them because they need to be kept FAR away from Joe Jackson. He’ll be selling off their first TV interviews and pictures of them to the highest bidder.

  • me

    i understand that he couldn’t bring himself to put it inside a grown woman. fine. the real tragedy here is that because he had this intense dislike of his own blackness his gift died with him. he could’ve easily given his own sperm but he clearly did not want his children to be black, even partly.

  • Cat Man


    LOL, You’re basing your opinion off of only two bi-racial people? Come on now, you can do better than that can’t you? Im starting to feel a little sorry for you because your brain is obviously about the size of a walnut.

    Jason Kidd, Sean Paul, Wentworth Miller, Jennifer Beals, Mariah Carey and Nicole Richie (her bio dad is not Lionel Richie but her bio dad is African American) are all half black and half white yet all of them have pretty damn fair skin, Caucasian textured hair and Eurocentric features. These are just a few off the top of my head, trust there are plenty more.

    Wake up call…Halle Berry and Obama are not the only bi-racial people on the face of the planet shit for brains!!!

  • RainaWeather

    @Cat Man: I was just about to make a list of biracial people. You beat me to it:) Nicole RIchie is probably the best example. I live in a city full of people who aren’t even mixed and still look damn near white. Growing up I thought my own black grandmother was white! People just have a hard time believing what doesn’t exist in their own small world.

  • RainaWeather

    @Cam: Don’t pretend to know what’s best for someone else’s kids. Obviously Michael thought his mother was the most fit to care for them and from the way they seemed at the memorial the kids look very close to the Jackson family.

    And your analysis of biracial people is limited, to say the least. You should come to New Orleans.The mixed people down here will shock the hell out of you.

  • me

    why are people so hell bent on convincing themselves that they are his kids when they are not? does no one read the news anymore? just open up a paper and stop this silly “debate”.

  • getreal

    @anonyy…: Ever heard of Mariah Carey? She looks a lot like Paris and her father was black. As someone who went to a black college I knew a lot of biracial people who did not look traditionally black. Ever heard of Vin Deisel? He is half black same with Wenthworth Miller and The Rock Dwayne whatever his name is. All that being said I doubt these kids are are his biological children based on his eccentricity not their looks. As far as Garcelle’s kids they look just like her and her son they just got fairer skin from their father.Hasn’t anyone seen the british twins of they look exactly alike but one has a white appearance with blonde hair and one has a black appearance with black hair. The mom is white the dad is black blood mixes in a variety of different ways. Want to see what they look like?

  • anna

    I think its pretty irresponsible of the media to reprint reports from a celebrity magazine saying Jackson is not their biological dad. I think what is likely happening is Debbie Rowe or another associate is dropping stories suggesting there isn’t a biological tie to the Jackson family to help with custody negotiations, or payments in lieu of custody. These kids are heirs to millions so they are going to be fought over. I do see a physical resemblance to the Jacksons and think they are his (especially blanket), but as others have said he raised them so yeah there his either way.

  • me

    here’s another for good measure
    “Blanket — the child Jackson famously dangled as an infant from a hotel-room balcony in Berlin — was born in Germany seven years ago. He was reportedly born of a surrogate German mother and conceived in vitro with donated egg and sperm. Blanket’s biological parents remain a mystery, as does the identity of his surrogate mother.”
    these must be some pretty damn credible sources, regardless of who quoted them originally

  • me

    @anna: debbie rowe is not the biological mother either. she was only a surrogate. she has no case. anyone who sees a resemblance to michael jackson or the jackson family is delusional.

  • dannyal

    hahahah… I’m quite baffled in this day and age there are still people so gullible to the media.

    Believe everything you read and take it at its face value – ESPECIALLY if its main source is TMZ!! (oh my….)

    Oh well, I guess that’s what makes the world turn.

  • me

    and why would you believe a kook like mj, exactly? if rowe still tries to get custody they will have to do dna tests to determine whether she is actually the mother or not. we will see what happens then.
    in the bashir interview mj claims that blanket’s mother is black. if you’d believe it, blanket is supposed to have been born from two black parents. give me a break. blanket may look somewhat like what mj looked like in his latter years, largely due to his long straight hair, but people forget just how black mj looked when he was young.

  • Pure

    All the best to the kids!

    If you asked any of the six million MIXED-RACE people living in South Africa if these kids were BLACK they would ALL answer that these children are PURE WHITE!

  • dannyal

    @me: when did i mention i believed him? lol

  • Cooper


    Look at their noses, they all have the same nose. It’s the one that Michael ended up with after all the surgeries, that Janet has already and the other brothers at the funera.

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