The Grassroots Activist Organization Taking Shots at Equality California


If Equality Network keeps up this line of messaging, it just might generate some dolla dolla bills. The non-“hierarchical” organization formed after Prop 8 passed is hoping to attract some folks to a fundraiser in Los Angeles on Wednesday by going after another gay activist organization where it hurts. In an email sent out to supporters, EN co-founder David Comfort makes clear how his organization is not one of the establishment big boys on the block — as a reason you should support it.

“Equality Network is not Equality California,” writes Comfort. “We cannot hire caterers and have black tie dinners, charge $350 a plate, and slap ourselves on the back for a job well-done. We’ve been out in the streets, meeting at Starbucks, and in the trenches fighting the good fight.”

Oh snap! Them’s some fighting words.

But if you’ve been following along at home, you’ll know Comfort isn’t a stranger to taking on the big guns. Last month he raged against organizers of the San Bernadino “leadership summit” that was one part civilized debate, seventeen parts chaos.

So why not keep the fun ball rolling?

Comfort’s full email follows.