“The Grindr Guide” Looks At The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of A Gay’s Favorite App

The Grindr Guide, a web series out of Australia, takes an insightful look at the ubiquitous hookup app—who’s using it, why and how.

Aside from the obvious appeal of cute gay boys with sexy Aussie accents, we were drawn to the honesty of the program: How the app can raise issues of self-esteem, lookism, racism and sexual health are all discussed.

“Grindr has the reputation of being a hook-up app, and I wanted to see how justified that stigma is,” said director Damien Dunstan. “What we actually found is that people are using Grindr for all kinds of reasons: we followed guys who use Grindr to make friends; those who use it as a starting point for more traditional dating; and of course, there’s a significant portion that do use it purely for casual sex.”

Plus, if you’re planning on heading to Sydney, you’ll know how to approach some of the 150,000 blokes on Grindr over there.

The first four of the guide’s planned episodes are post here. Check back on the Grindr Guide’s YouTube channel for more.