The Gustavus Adolphus College Student Who Hates Seeing Freshman Learn About Queers

Even I LOL’d a bit watching students at Gustavus Adolphus College — the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America liberal arts school in Minnesota — acting out mock sexual scenarios as part of freshman orientation. But fresh from high school, the kids have to learn about dorm etiquette somehow, and that includes alternatives to leaving socks on the door knobs. Oh, and what to do if they encounter a homosexual. Luckily there are students on campus lobbying to remove this propaganda!

Called “Inside Scoop,” the hour-long orientation seminar is mandatory, claims Phil Cleary, a Gustavus student and the executive director of Gusties for Restoring America, which has its own Facebook page so you know it’s official. (They have 38 members!)

Cleary, a Minnesota native, has been blogging on, which is where he uploaded these secret tapes after “infiltrating” the event.

In the above clip — captioned, “Have you ever wondered what goes on behind closed doors in those first few days or even hours after you drop your son off for their first year of College at a Lutheran institution of higher education?” — we see freshman learn about the ridiculously long acronym “LGPBBTTQ&A,” which includes pansexuals!

Blogs Cleary, writing in the third person:

This second event [top clip] goes a bit further than the first, educating students about distinctions between gender and sex (as well as how to celebrate “LGPBBTTQ&A”), testimonies from gay, lesbian, and atheist students, and a call censor the content of speech after screaming cuss words at students in the dark.

Cleary commented, “This is propaganda that one might expect be taught in a Gender and Sexuality course at a secular, state institution. However, Gustavus is a Lutheran school in southern Minnesota founded by Swedish immigrants in the 1800’s, and these shameful seminars are presented during the first few hours and days that students are on campus before classes even begin.”

I guess that’s something you’d expect from a group that wants to “promote the conservative worldview and its principles in the community at Gustavus Adolphus College, and to produce constructive dialogue on campus to foster a more holistic understanding of differing political issues and ideology through education and awareness.” Translation: It’s kosher if you don’t talk about gays or sex.

But then it’s like: What’s the point of going to college?