The Heart of Texas Has a Defect

Oilcan Harry’s, The Silver Spur Saloon; they may not sound like anything a cowboy would find on Brokeback Mountain, and yet they are faggot watering holes in Austin, Texas. The same city is home to a bar called The Rainbow Cattle Company; how utterly queer, and wonderful. Austin even hosts two Splash Days events at the beginning and end of every summer providing gay revelers with a reminder of what water sports actually are.


As reported last week on Queerty, the KKK is planning a rally in Austin on November 5 to show its support for an amendment to the Texas state constitution that would ban both civil unions and the normalization of marriage for homosexual persons. Texas already has a law prohibiting marriage for gays, but a-hole rednecks want to forestall the possibility of an enlightened judge overturning the law. Countering the KKK and other a-hole rednecks this coming Saturday will be a group opposed to the amendment, No Nonsense in November.

Amid fears that the two groups could come to blows, the KKK released a statement including this phrase. “We certainly don’t want any of our people hurt nor any city officials.” The failure to include gay people and other opponents of the amendment in those they don’t wish to see hurt is as glaring as a burning cross. Rosa Parks has hardly been buried, but already she has reason to be turning in her grave. That beauty in the image, by the way, is drag diva Lauren Taylor, a one-time Miss Gay Austin.