The “Heterophobic” Cabbie Will Drive You Anywhere… So Long As You’re Not Straight

Need a lift? The heterophobic cabbie is happy to drive you to your destination. Assuming you’re not “a breeder,” that is. (His bumper sticker’s words, not ours!)

In a new video released by the taxi app Hailo, hidden cameras capture passengers’ reactions as they listen to their Irish cab driver make derogatory comments about heterosexuals.

“We don’t usually take heteros in the car, you know?” the driver tells one passenger. “Nothing against them. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a heterophobe.”

“We have an uncle that’s straight,” he continues. “We don’t talk to him that much…It was Cain and Abel, you know? It wasn’t Jane and Abel.”

The whole thing is a prank, of course. It’s designed to combat homophobia and promote the same-sex marriage referendum in Ireland, which voters will decide upon this Friday.

Check out the amusing video below.

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