‘The highest ranking Democrat in the U.S. Senate has just publicly said not only that Obama CAN but he SHOULD!’

COMMENTERS — “WHY are so many people ignoring the giant rare diamond in the dark mineshaft of that interview. Now read this slowly. I can’t spell it out in your hand from way over here. Reid THEN said, “‘My hope is that it can be done administratively’. A Democratic aide later clarified that Reid was speaking about the possibility of using AN EXECUTIVE ORDER TO SUSPEND DISCHARGES or perhaps halting enforcement of the policy by changing departmental regulations within the Department of Defense.” Got that? Now remember how the Obazombies have been screeching like banshees for the last two months: “OBAMA CANNOT ISSUE AN EXECUTIVE ORDER TO STOP DISCHARGES! HE CAN’T IGNORE THE LAW!!” and White House Talking Bird Robert Gibbs and various Defense Department Flying Blue Monkeys have been saying, “Oh, noooo. It wouldn’t be ‘permanent’ so we’re going to keep kicking out the fags until the cows er Congress comes home.” Well, now the HIGHEST RANKING DEMOCRATE IN THE US SENATE has just publicly said not only that Obama CAN but he SHOULD!!!!!” —Michael @ responding to “EVERYBODY Is Passing the Buck on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”