The Homophobic Wonkette: Part 3 in 3-D


Anyone who frequents David Lat’s judiciary blog, Underneath Their Robes, knows about his frequent “female” contributor referred to only as Article III Groupie or A3G for short. A3G, of course, is Lat himself.

Lat’s alter ego hasn’t come to his defense since the recent revelation that he wrote some pretty anti-gay articles while attending that bastion of collegiate enlightenment, Harvard University.

As A3G, Lat is very vocal and a bit of a go-getter. So Judge Sam Alito’s dreamy teenage son, Phil, better watch out. Lat thinks, “he’s a hottie.” A statement like that would pretty much make Lat anti-anti-gay, right?

For more evidence, we hark back to this weekend’s NY Times article where a former colleague talks about Lat’s lust for office gossip:

“He would linger in the men’s room, and would report on what was going on in there.”

She paints a more accurate picture of Lat. A very pink picture:

He had this whole other side of flamboyant, theater-watching, Oscar-watching, shoe-loving, litigatrix.

Were we too quick to drop the gavel on Lat? Or is he just another right-wing closet case taking his self-loathing out on the rest of us? Sounds like a case only Judge Judy could handle.

(Item was updated from its original version with corrected information.)

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