The Honeymoon’s Over for Off-Broadway’s My Big Gay Italian Wedding

As New Yorkers count down to Sunday, July 24, when same-sex marriages will officially be recognized by New York State, we received an ironically timed email from the creators of the interactive off-Broadway show My Big Gay Italian Wedding: Despite it’s timely theme, the show is shuttering on August 20.

The matrimonial comedy, which has run at St. Luke’s Theatre in Hell’s Kitchen for two years, focuses on a gay couple determined to make it to the altar despite the interference of overbearing relatives, jealous exes, high-strung wedding planners and other busybodies.

The show’s been something of a reality-television clearinghouse as well: Produced by The Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Dina Manzo, Gay Wedding has included performances by various RHONJ cast members, RuPaul Drag Race contestants Mimi ImFurst and Stacy Layne Matthews, and A-List: New York star Reichen Lehmkuhl, among others. (Okay, so it’s not Coriolanus.)

The official press describes the closing as “bittersweet” for cast, producers, crew and playwright/co-star Anthony Wilkinson: “Having been able to fight for marriage equality on the world’s biggest stage and to see it come to fruition in New York State during the show’s run is a victory, and a remarkable experience for all involved.” Don’t get us crying—we’ll smudge our mascara!

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  • Jason

    I saw this play about six years ago when that guys from the gay bachelor was in it. The show was TERRIBLE! I wanted to leave at the intermission so bad but my friend wouldn’t let me join half of the audience. Gone are the days in the 90s when we were so starved for gay content that we would run and buy tickets for any bullshit play or movie that had a gay something in it. We have better choices now. A bad gay movie or play should no longer be preserved or made to seem important just because it has gay stuff in it. It has to have other merits to hold it up and be good. This play wasn’t. Good riddance!

  • MomsThoughts


    The play has been changed and adapted. I wish you would go see it now before it closes. It is hilarious and heartwarming. Its charming, fun and touching. It delivers a timely message with out hitting you over the head with it. People return again and again because it is just a great time. Do yourself a favor and give this show a 2nd chance, its come a long way. And it is not “gay” theater. It is theater for everyone about a gay couple.

  • Oh Dear (John From England)


    I wouldn’t go see it with people from the Real Housewives. They can’t act! And Riechen? Please. No!

  • MomsThoughts

    John – The Housewives were in it for a one time special performance last fall to support Marriage Equality New York. It raised a lot of money for a good cause. (And some of them did a FANTASTIC job!) Riechen hasn’t been in it since LAST summer – he wasn’t in it very long. Come on, at least make your decision with legit info! Its a GREAT show. Considering how quickly things come and go on and off Broadway these days – the fact that it has lasted this long has to tell you something! It is a really great show that affected many people. And John, it is even opening in London soon! :)

  • AK+CandR

    There is a reason why it is closing, Successful work does not close after 2 years.

  • MomsThoughts

    Really? That is what you think? You haven’t seen much of Broadway have you? How many Tony nominated or even shows that WON Tony’s closed in a matter of months? or weeks?

    It is a great show! And it will live on….it has already been produced in several cities around the US and in London.

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