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The ‘Hot’ Soon-to-be-A-List Actor Looking for an Asian F Buddy in Vancouver Hotel


So, is it someone from the A-Team movie, or Marmaduke? (Explicit language below.)

The following ad was recently posted on Craigslist Vancouver. Even if you know who is currently filming in Hollywood North, there are a lot of possible choices. Anyone care to venture a guess?

*are you Asian and hot? want to f-ck a movie star?* – 26 (Vancouver)
So here’s the scoop I’m 26 caucasian and f-cking hot I’m here in town for filming staying at an upscale hotel. I’ll let you know all the details later… I’m a B list actor but will be on the A list very shortly in good time. What am I looking for you ask? A gorgeous asian boy that I can f-ck the hell out of. F.Y.I. I’m not out and everyone thinks I’m straight but being gay is my secret to keep. This little rendezvous will happen in my hotel room and yes I’m registered under an alias. Please send me a cock pic, body pic and face pic. P.S. If I don’t get back to you with this fake e-mail just means I’m not interested and your not what I’m looking for. I’m extremely particular. If your the one to meet me you will 100% not be disappointed and you most likely wont believe it’s me…….I’ve seen so many cute asians in this city………………..Get back to me if your one of them…. Oh ya I will not send you a pic of me. If you see this add I’m still looking… I will not respond to one sentence questions….