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The Hot Summer Film Festival Preview: Which Movies You Shouldn’t Miss


The Go Doc Project

This wonderfully innovative and exceptionally sexy drama has an infectious energy and a completely unique aesthetic as it tells a classic story of lust becoming love — and then some. Super cute Tanner Cohen (Were The World Mine) returns to the big screen as a college boy named Doc who drunkenly cruises a gay go-go boy named Go (super hot Matthew Camp) with the pretense of making a documentary about him. Not to be missed.

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  • EvonCook

    A reasonable question would seem to be WTF happened to NEWFEST, the former New York film festival, that supposedly united with the LA OUTFEST to be saved financially and with better connections to the film industry for better programming (Humm, which incidentally also gave OUTFEST a desirable connection to Lincoln Center)? Now, NEWFEST has been moved first from the traditional multi-decade time slot of June to mid July, and this year is shunted off to a long weekend in SEPTEMBER!!! WTF??? NEWFEST, under Basil and Mr. Love used to be great, multi-screen and almost two weeks long. Now it is pathetic. Shame on New York, and a great loss to a large gay cinema community!

  • Jenni

    @EvonCook: Yes, it is sad that NewFest was moved to the fall but really better than having it not be there at all. Basil and Wellington (and Jeff and Sande before them) built the festival into a wonderful event. But the history of LGBT film festivals in NYC has been a bumpy one (you may know that the reason NewFest is called New is that the original New York Gay & Lesbian Film Festival also closed down way back in the day and NewFest was the revised version). And with that I just have to mention that we are all indebted to the orginal NY Gay Film Fest founder Peter Lowy.

    Plus, you guys also happen to have the BEST LGBT Experimental festival in the world — MIX. Just saying!


  • Dev

    Didn’t see it in the pics, but I’m looking forward to seeing Peter Paige in “Birthday Cake.” I really loved the short film it was based on and it also has Jane Badler from “V.”

  • stfallon1028

    I’m really excited to see Big Gay Love. Jonathan Lisecki made Gayby watchable and Xandr from Buffy as a gogo dancer? I’m in

  • Thad1527

    Well, New Yorkers can always come down to our QFest in Philadelphia. This year it’s July 11 to 22. It’s an event that the locals actually go to (as opposed to our Equality Forum, which gets major press but which nobody local actually attends). We’re getting “Big Gay Love,” “Birthday Cake,” “C.O.G.,” “”G.B.F.”(which is the festival opener), and much much more!! The website is, of course:

  • ocruz

    It sucks that theres nothing like this in the south, and when these movies come out on DVD they are so expensive! and they are never released on netflix or anything like that

  • Rusty

    @ocruz: Some of last years are on Youtube. South where? I’m from Texas.

  • zaneymcbanes

    I always really appreciate these roundups of queer cinema. Thank you Queerty!

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