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The Hottest, Most Important GIFs Of Andy Cohen


Whether he’s just mugging for the camera, eating candy or stripping down, the host of Watch What Happens Live has given us tons of sexy, GIF-able moments on television.

Seducing the camera. [via]


Stripping for his guests. [via]


Twerking. [via]



Eating candy with Anderson. [via]


Licking a bottle.


Playing with his tongue. [via]


And again. [via]


Or just smiling for the camera.


[Top GIF]

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  • MikeE

    he’s kind of cute.. but oh my god! that tongue is creepy! LOL

  • richybruce

    Andy Cohen is gross. So is the network he runs and all the shows on it.

  • seaki

    He is rich, cute AND A JEW,……my mama would approve!!!!!!

  • Homophile


    Totally grody to the max? As if!

    He is totes fetch.

  • Snapper59

    I like when he was being interviewed on another show (and played the game “Hot Seat” or whatever he does on his show on that show) and was asked how many women he’d slept with he surprisingly said “Nope. I’ve always been gay. None. Never been anything but gay.”

    How refreshing.

  • sanfranca1

    I love Andy!

  • fredo777

    Andy is really full-on at times, but very very adorable. And that chest hair…mmph.

    Also, Jesus, how high-def is that second tongue-lick GIF? It looks like he’s going to jump off of my computer monitor.

  • Cam

    My only problem with him…and one for which he will probably have to spend a few months in hell after death….

    Is that he keeps forcing crossovers of BRAVO shows.

    I.E. the LAST thing I want to see while watching Top Chef is an episode where the “Real housewives” are guest judges.

    Shame on you Andy, SHAME!!!!!!

  • B Damion

    LMAO…LMAO……Andy is funny because he is so odd and obnoxious.He can be a very shady queen as well. All that being said he is perfect for TV.

  • DarthKitsune

    Love him to bits and pieces, but I wont watch Bravo for anything.

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